Where's the Fire?  

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6/17/2005 11:19 am

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Where's the Fire?

There is country western song out that goes something like, “She had a need to feel the thunder; to see the lighting cross the sky; to watch the storm and all its wonder raging in her lover’s eye.”

New Years came and before we knew it school was out and Deb went over to Birmingham, Alabama to spend a couple of weeks with her grand parents.

The night she left, Sally V. called my mother and asked if she thought I would like to earn a few dollars helping her with some heavy lifting and yard work while Deb was away. Mrs. V. had taken her two weeks vacation in conjunction with her daughter's so that she could get the things done she ordinarily couldn't get done with Debra under foot and so that she could have some time to herself without a teenage daughter about.

My mother in her typical fashion, never ask but simply said, “Oh he'll be happy to come over and help out.”

The next morning promptly at 7:30 a.m. I was dutifully standing at her front door. When Mrs. V. opened the door, I almost fell over backwards. She was wearing nothing but a see through red satin bath robe with black trim.

“Come on in David (my Christian middle name)” she said, “I've been waiting for you.” And before I could get my tongue or cease blushing she had taken my hand and led me right over to the big sofa. She sat down right next to me and came straight to the point. She had seen Deb and me having sex and her only comment was that she would have to have talk with her daughter about the, “birds and the bees”.

“You're a strong handsome young man.” she said, placing her velvety long fingers on my bulging crotch; “we'll have to do something about that!”

She then led me to her bed room where she began to undress me. When she had me totally naked, she step back to admire her handy work and take pleasure at how red in the face I was.

Standing there naked, shivering and embarrassed, with a very hard erection, I still hadn't uttered a sound; I must have looked pretty stupid with my mouth wide open and my eyes bulging out of their sockets. She dropped her robe and there before me was the most beautiful woman that I at fourteen had ever seen.

It turns out I wasn't stupid, I was ignorant but Mrs. V. was about to change that forever.

She climbed up onto her big bed and motioned for me to come to her. Overcome with pure unadulterated lust I leaped upon the bed and grabbed a handful of left breast.

“Whoa tiger” she said; “Where’s the fire?”

“I'll show you where and how and when. Today your education begins.”

And it did!

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