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Sandra W. was my first real crush. One hot summer afternoon while I was hitting a golf ball back and forth between our two houses, I noticed her.

I took off my shirt and paraded myself around so that she could see my 16 year old manliness LOL. It took because later I found that she had been talking to my sisters about wheather or not I had a girl friend. My oldest sister (Faye) made the comment that she (Sandy) seemed awful pleased that I was unattached.

One afternoon, our paths crossed in a local soda shop (Hansens) in Lynn Haven, Florida. In those days there were no diet sodas or special flavors. If you wanted a cherry coke, the soda jerk had to add cherry juice to it. Like so with vanilla.

Anyway, Sandy and I got past hello and soon I was spending more time at her house (much to her parents resentment) then I was at my own.

I bring all this up, because Sandy was the only girl I ever dated where it never entered my mind to get inside her pants. I was satisfied to just hold her and kiss her. It lasted about a year and she found someone new. I was crushed and cried for a week. Just when I thought I must surely die, along came Sharon.

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