Ode to a Lovely Lady  

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7/2/2005 7:04 pm

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Ode to a Lovely Lady

My Love's eyes are deep brown;
They arrest my inner spirit.
As a fawn pants thirstily,
For a drink of cool water,
My soul thirst to taste her passionate lips.

When she is close,
The perfume of her beauty;
The fragrance of her soft walk,
Brings with them an extra beat,
To my tired and weary heart.

My heart yearns,
Nay pines, with passionate and unbearable desire,
To know her,
To feel her,
To be totally immersed IN her.

My flesh groans to touch her;
To feel her smoothness
Against MY hardness;
That rock hard;
Monument of manhood.

The smoothness of woman,
Against the hardness of man,
My monument...

Only to look into her eyes,
Kiss her lips,
stroke her slender,
Warm neck
With the whispers of my kisses.

To dance as a little boy;
With excitement, my callous hand,
Over her forehead, eyebrows, cheeks;
All those private parts that make her
Uniquely WOMAN.

To know passionately, emotionally, intimately,
For this single moment,
This beautifully, complicated creature,
Who has never been,
Nor ever will be again.

But who through fate,
Exist now;
For this one precious and special moment,
To share herself totally and without reservations,
To another lonely heart.

What joy!
To lose myself in the cleavage of her mountains,
To taste with tingling sensation,
The electricity of her plums,
Hard and rigid.

What uncontrollable delight!
The penetration of my hardness,
Into the softness of her valley,
And taste on my wet tongue,
The saltiness and the sweetness of her treasures.

To sweat with her,
To moan with her,
To groan with her,
To melt with her,
In squeals of senselessness!

To feel the vibration of her body,
Returning force,
With hard force;
The arcing of her back,
The harmonious swaying of her breast.

Her warm wetness,
As it flows slowly down
The shaft of my thickness;
My stiffness,
Causing it to gush forth a wetness of its own
Climaxing in a place,
There is neither softness,
Nor Hardness,
Only oneness.

Laying happily exhausted,
Sweat to her sweat,
Breath to my breath,
Thankful that fate has at last,
Favored me with the presence of this VERY lovely lady.

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