Blame it on the Girl  

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6/30/2005 8:36 pm

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Blame it on the Girl

(A dialog)

God: "Adam what have you been up to?"
Adam: "It wasn't me, it was 'that girl' you gave me."
God: "Eve what have you done?"
Eve: "Moi?"
God: " Yes you."
Eve: "It wasn't me, it was that snake in the grass."
God: "The snake?"
Eve: "Yes, he said an apple a day would keep the Deity away."
God: "OK then, Adam you get sex and Eve you get child birth and pain."
Eve: "Bummer."
Eve: (Looking at Adam) "God you know I like really big snakes."
Adam: "Hey Eve! Buff is pretty cool!"
God: (Rolling his eyes) "TEENAGERS!"

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