Scents Make Good Sense  

chuchotte2 50F
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8/20/2005 6:53 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Scents Make Good Sense

There is nothing like a scent that just seems to compliment the person wearing it, it just makes sense, doesn't it?

So what's your scent?

Channel No 5 here or a body spray made by Calgon, for those at work allergic to perfumes.


fancyshag 58F

8/21/2005 6:10 am

Pour moi,ma signature c'est Rive Gauche, par la maison Yves St Laurent.

rm_chagi_guy 48M
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8/21/2005 2:32 pm

This sounds really bad, but almost everyone that has been close to me has loved it... very melow... it is Elvis... I know... but it is nice... come next to me and you be the judge...

harpie8 48F

8/22/2005 3:01 am

My fav for the last 5 or so years is Givenchy's Organza Indecence. Its a mix of Patchouli and Vanilla. I bought a few bottles overseas last year because I'd heard it was being discontinued and I'm almost out now , so like Replicant, I may be posting again soon.

respectfulm28 40M

8/22/2005 7:37 pm

The new Armani Black Code is a very heart catching, body thumping fragrance sure to make even the most shy woman yearn for affection!!

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