chuchotte2 50F
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10/21/2005 9:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Here is the curious me once again stepping up to the plate.

A fellow blogger posted recently about condoms and today, while walking through the pharmacy of course, I just had to walk in front of the lovely display of condoms and it got my mind to wandering....

With all the different brands, kinds, flavored and not, small, medium, large....

Just how does a male make the choice on what to buy??

Is it one of these things that you try and try until you find what fits just right, what feels right?

What is it guys? How do you choose? What do you prefer?

WetPanties4U4 31F

10/22/2005 7:31 am

They have small condoms? How do they market them?

rm_FunStuff2K3 38M

10/22/2005 10:12 am

I almost always get Lifestyles brand, because they fit well. Trojans don't feel right on me, so sadly I haven't bought the new Mint condoms to try. I stick with Lifestyles; the thin ones or the regular ones .

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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10/22/2005 11:28 am

Good question, WetPanties.

As I've mentioned, I like the female condom best. As far as male condoms go, you go with what you've found you like.

They took my fav, Mentor, off the market yrs ago; now I go with polyeurothane condoms - thinner, and feel better. I don't go with a nonoxinal-9 lube, because that stuff burns me.

Nor do I go with any of the "for her pleasure" condoms, because I have never heard a woman say the ribs/bumps/inspiral action felt any better, and most have said they can't even tell the diff.

Sizes? I gotta think the large are more for marketing, since you can put a regular one around your head.

OttawaMan43sum 47M
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10/23/2005 2:07 pm

The only condom I like is the one that doesn't break. Don't really like rubbers - hard to find one to fit my size (superhumungous).

Ok, perhaps I was exaggerating...slightly.

I'll try to be more serious next time, chuchotte2.

harpie8 48F

10/23/2005 2:49 pm

Ok Chuchotte, I have a condom story for you. I have a son that is 13. He told me about 6 months ago that he needed some condoms. Well after I picked my jaw up off of the floor and counted to 10 I asked him why exactly he needed them. He explained that he really didn't 'need' them, he just wanted to have them (just in case). So, being the liberal parent that I am and just glad that he felt he could talk to me about these things, I thought what the hell. We got in the car and went to shoppers. I gave him a $20, and left him in the condom aisle. I told him that if he wanted them he would have to buy them himself. I thought the embarassment would put him off but I was wrong. When we got to the check out, I was 2 people back from him in line. He proudly put a package of XL condoms, a chocolate bar and a container of milk on the counter. The poor woman ringing him through looked like she was going to faint. Another woman in line behind him looked at me and said, 'can you believe that?". I just smiled. When we got to the car, I asked him if he got everything that he needed. He told me he did and pulled out his condoms. I asked why he thought he needed an XL. He told me, 'well mom, when you buy me t shirts, pj, sweats etc, you always buy me XL. I can gladly say that 6 months later, the unopened package is still in his top dresser drawer.

Alias_46 57M

10/24/2005 6:41 am

Okay... Harpie... that was just too frigging hilarious!!! Good on both of you for communicating so well too!

I was about to say that condom choice usually comes down to which one is the easiest to grab and dash to the till at the pharmacy counter where there's some old pharmacy guy to ring it in! LOL! Truth be told I hate em! I'm also sensible enough to know they are a must have! The thing is they are either too tight, thus way too difficult to get on, or they go on nice, feel good, but get lost inside!!! How many times have you sat there... trying to rip the package open, then looking at these frigging things trying to determine which way they roll on! By the time you got it figured, it's like stuffing a sleeping bag back into it's pouch!LOL! Durex XL has been my choice of late.

There is so much to be said for a long term monogamous relationship! LOL!

rm_luke69iner 48M
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10/24/2005 9:57 pm

been a real long time since i've used one

i don't quite remember

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

rm_wetkitty1963 53F

10/25/2005 12:29 pm

Alias; I like to put them on my partner myself. Always fun doing it slowly with your mouth. Flavors help when using this style You can also unroll it with your hands, all the while kissing his balls in the process.

Humm, too tight you say....

2xTwiceShy 51M
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11/4/2005 7:23 pm

Stick with the name brands. I've had two off name brands tear. Stick with the winners. I am partial to the ones that are lubed, cause their easier to remove after the party's over.

Never tried the flavors. By the time the condom comes into play, the flavor game has usually run its course, although I suppose it could be useful for the follow up play.

outdoorsyguy4u 58M
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11/19/2005 6:58 am

Personally I hate condoms, they're not easy to manage and maintain arousal - guess I've never had the pleasure of meeting a lady like Wetkitty!

milleet1nuit 46M
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11/19/2005 5:23 pm

Normally I try to not use condom with spermicide. I hat the taste of nonoxynol-9. If I use some I will get some on my hand that will eventually end up on a place where I kiss or lick the girl

Different brands are not the same size and I have trouble to install some of them. It is not fun when you try to unroll a condom in the action and you see that you have trouble make it past the head of the penis.

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