Military Guys  

chubbyncchick 41F
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10/2/2005 10:13 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Military Guys

Can someone explain to me what the deal is with Military men? I think God has instilled them with an extra dab of testosterone or something.

It's as if sexiness is dripping from their pores. I swear.. it's getting to me. lol

Maybe it's the uniforms... maybe it's that so many of them are shy but edgy at the same time.

*fanning self* Whatever it is, I've decided I like it. And more so, I've decided I want me some.

WarriorPrince08 36M

10/14/2005 8:02 pm

i wear the uniform and yes, we are inundated with additional pheremones which inherently make women attracted to us=) as well, the fact that i'm a strikingly handsome and well endowed male (literally in the physically and economic sense), makes me a rpime candidate for fucking you. call me. we'll see if i can't make you fan yourself 4-6 times a night


12/7/2005 1:49 pm

Its all the brainwashing and BS they get pumped full of in bootcamp. They are made to believe that they are bullet-proof and indestructible, so that in wartime, they will mindlessly do their job without using good sense and questioning anything. This is why that if look at many of the statistics regrding the military and rates of divorce and violations regarding family violence, you will see higher rates than compared to those that aren't military for those areas. Also......take a look at many of the men and women that live in military areas in NC-Fayetteville, Turdville(Jacksonville), Havenot(Havelock-Cherry Point) and I bet if you really got down to it, most of the people claiming themselves to be single are in fact married and cheating. I have several friends, male and female that have dated or married military-guess what? They are all either divorced or trying to work things out because the person in the military has cheated! When it comes to dating and relationships......stay as far away from military as you can-at least until they are in their 30's or officers. You will regret it if you don't! Then again....if you just want to be cheated on or have someone for a fuck-buddy with no other expectations....go for it!

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