Red Satin Sheets  

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1/5/2006 9:32 pm

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Red Satin Sheets

Red satin sheets to begin this scandal
No light but that from a single candle
From a cracked window comes a sight breeze
Gently ruffling the shades like a short sneeze
No sound but that from the crickets that night
But to that sound two silhouettes dance in the candlelight

Holding each other like the night is their last
Kissing so softly like there is a mysterious past
Dancing their way to the satin laid bed
Whispering softly erotic things that are said
Removing their clothes they come of with care
Revealing their bodies so completely bare

Laying her down gently he nuzzles her ear
Expertly they move with very little fear
Stroking her hair like it is made of gold
Staring into her eyes he is more than told
Exploring her body he massages her bum
Sucking her nipples as they taste like rum

Biting down gently she caresses his neck
Flicking her tongue but just for a sec
Grabbing his back holding him tight
Sliding her fingers down without much of a fight
Grabbing hold she massages it real slow
Causing his cock really to begin to grow

Sensing her wetness his fingers glide home
In and out his fingers do roam
Making him squirm and making her scream
They stroke each other like an amazing dream
Grabbing his cock she slides him into her
Stopping just a moment just a bit unsure

Together they move at a rhythmic pace
Not stopping for a moment not a bit of grace
Continuing to move his cock begins to throb
She increases her pace her hips begin to bob
Feeling that feeling like she is ready to cum
They climax together sleeping until they see the sun

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