Is it me?  

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11/11/2005 10:47 pm

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Is it me?

As I have grown as a person I have learned a great many things but the thing that still out of reach is my understanding of people. I wish that there was some magic book or pill that would give me some insight into understanding the people in this world. I realize that I'm not the most handsome face in the world but I like to think I do OK, but I am wondering if that isn't the case. Most of the time if I meet someone on here with in the first few seconds they are asking if I'm well hung and all that. If I don't measure up then its just empty air. If I write a person an email its the standard auto reply without getting any chance to talk to the person. I realize that most of this stuff is just simple voyeurs looking for an easy way to look at porn. (Heck, I have had my moments or two.) So what is the best way to meet someone on here? Also is there an email secret that I just don't have. Most of my emails are usually short because they are intros. I like to leave it open so that the person can respond with some questions or etc. Oh well maybe its for the best one way or another.

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open4fun2005 58M/51F

11/13/2005 8:11 pm

Hi Chris....I think the best way to meet someone is to keep doing what you are doing. Short emails that are intros only are great...I dont want to know a whole chapter about someone in a first email. As you know the men outnumber the women by a huge you have to be patient. I dont think there is any possible way to understand the people in this world..I rack my brain trying to figure out why some people behave the way they do. I suppose it really would be very boring if we all had the same ideas and beliefs about the way we view the world. Good luck in your search...probably when you least expect it...someone will come looking your way.

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