Seduce The Contractor...  

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7/8/2005 8:00 am

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Seduce The Contractor...

I'm a Salesman for a design/build firm in the metro area.
I have this fantasy where I am making a sales call to a beautiful womans home. She answers the door soaking wet and wrapped in a skimpy towel, I've just interrupted her bubble bath. Theres a mischivous look in her eyes as she appears to briefly mentally undress me, a cute smile draws across her face..She invites me in and excuses herself so that she can make herself more presentable. As I sit at her dining room table and notice that she has gone to her bedroom to change, but left her door wide open. I can see that the towel has been disguarded as its laying on the floor in the door way. She returns dressed in a short white silk robe, it is very low cut, and loosely tied. Her sun bronzed skin looks smooth and dark against the white robe. Water is still trickling down her chest from her still damp hair.
I attempt to regain my composer and continue with my usual boring sales pitch. We go over the matters at hand reguarding the work that she needs done. I occassionaly catch a glimpse of the side of her breast through the low cut robe. Each time I do I loose concentration and stumble with my words. She smiles, but makes no attempt to conceal herself. Midway through my pitch, she crosses her legs and her robe slides up her thigh, revealing her beautiful legs and a small glimpse of her upper thigh.
I conclude my presentation, and she asks me if I might take a look at another project for her. As she stands to lead me to the room, her robe has stuck to her moist skin on the small of her back, the bottom of her gorgeous, firm ass is exposed! Staring at her ass in disbelief I nearly stumble in the coffee table. She giggles and promptly pulls her robe back down.
We enter the bathroom that apparently needs some work done. She points to the floor at the corner of the room and explains that there has been some water damage there. As I lean down to inspect the area, I feel her hand rest on my back as she kneels beside me to get a closer look. Her loose robe drapes open, exposing her full firm breast. I quicly stand to pretend taking notes, I dont want to appear like I'm gawking. She remains bent over on the floor, examining the damage. I look up from my note pad and my jaw drops. In her position, her full ass is exposed from her robe, as well as herbeautifully shaved pussy. My cock nearly explodes from my pants. Then I notice the enormous vibrater sitting along side the tub. Shes been playing in the bath! She looks back up at me and sees me looking back and forth from her ass to the vibrater. "Its probably still warm" she says, "would you like to feel it?" she asks. I pick it up and turn it on without a word. It is the kind that rotates as it vibrates. "Would you like to see how it works?" she asks. She stands close to me, and places her hand around mine, which is holding the buzzing toy. With one hand on mine, the other slides down my stomach and grabs my straining cock through my pants. She opens her lips, and slips her mouth over the dildo, giving it head right in front of me. She then guides my hand, and the vibrater down between her thighs. Slowly she eases it into her already dripping pussy. I can feel her heat as I stroke her clit while guiding the toy in and out of her hot honeyhole.
I pull her to the floor and remove her robe. I turn and slde between her legs into the 69 position. As I begin lapping and fucking her pussy with the vibrater, I feel my zipper pull down and her warm lips wrap around my shaft. My tongue and the magic of the dildo are more than she can take and she quickly cums, dripping her hot juices onto my lips. I slip out from under her and grab her by the hips. I rub the head of my cock across her ass and slide it into her awaiting hole. "Fuck Me!" she moans "YES, Fuck Me!" I begin pounding her tight little pussy. I slip my finger into her tight little asshole as my balls are slapping against her clit, she squeals in delight and cums again almost instantly. Her orgasm is more than I can bear, her pussy is clenched up tight around my cock, her juices dripping down my balls. I exclaim how hard I'm going to cum, she qiuckly pulls my cock out of her and takes it into her mouth. Firmly stroking my shaft while sucking deeply on my head I explode into her mouth. She gently squeezes my balls as to milk every last drop from them. She continues sucking until the life leaves my length.
We both slip into the tub to relax and rinse away the sweet and the sweat. Giggling about what just happened, and discovering that we've both lived out the same fantasy.


nefertitilover23 35F

7/12/2005 7:06 am

Hey, came to see my blog again, i have uptaded what i said in english... U are a sexy guy!

TandJ_95 105M/105F

7/16/2005 9:35 am

mmmmmmmm, I may need some work done baby.

Nice story, I'm all wet!


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