what it means to be a man  

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2/22/2006 9:08 pm

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what it means to be a man

All through out childhood-
You’re taught never lie or cry-
Always do your best-
Don’t even let out a sigh-
Over and over these words you hear-
No matter the constant heat snow or rain-
Always dust your self off-
Don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing your pain-
Throughout all the years-
You’ve done as you were told-
Lifting your chin up-
Showing them no sign of warmth just cold-
Even in the marine corps-
You’d enter battle without fear in your eye-
Knowing at any given time it could end-
But for this country I would proudly live or die-
Making your way threw life-
Through life’s ups and its downs-
You take each day in stride-
To those who ridicule you, you just call clowns-
Though a marriage ended-
A better friend you’ll never find-
She picks me up, or vise versa-
Indeed she’s one of a kind-
Times get tougher-
But still must keep a stiff upper lip-
Make due with what you have-
And keep focused, keep a tight ship-
With all these years of learning-
I gave love another try-
I opened my life,soul,and heart-
Believing her words as I look deep in her eyes-
Such a beautiful woman-
I’d give her the shirt off my back-
And her gorgeous children-
All into my home I brought back-
The trip here was tough-
But together we managed to come through-
All the while hoping and praying-
Through this tough time our love grew-
Working day and night-
To borrowed money pay back-
The pain shock and horror-
When her beautiful eyes went black-
Men don’t cry-
Stand strong like the trees-
Her coldness, and lies-
Dropped me too my knees-
Let them see me cry-
Better yet let them hear me shout-
Bullets, knives, and death-
Would be more welcome with out a dought-
Father all these years of training-
Tell me what lesson did I miss-
Broken bones, fights, and whooping-
Nothing prepared me for this-
You always told me-
These three words don’t say unless you mean-
I know now why you said that-
After its been lied to you,its crippling or so it would seem-
So what makes a man-
He that doesn’t cry-
Or is it the one who’s lost that stance-
And who holds pain deep in his eye-
He that admits to fear-
And might not give a second glance-
Whose has hopes and dreams-
Of someday finding love and another chance-
Broken down and tathered-
I do what I can-
Though the pain comes out sometimes-
I stand before you as just a man-

racefan35 52F

3/1/2006 7:55 pm

Ok. I'm learning a lot about you and I like who you are. You are real and that is rare. Anytime you want to talk, I'm here for you.

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