the perfect day  

chopperguy1972 44M
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2/22/2006 12:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

the perfect day

After a long hot day at work, i begin my journey home. Remicing on the great day ive had and
chuckling to myself, I begin thinking of tonights plans. A few more lights and a few more people
starring at me funny for the ear to ear grin i have, I drive a unevenful fast pace home.
As i aproach the drive way I can see you on the porch waitting for me.The ignition shut off
as my door opens from the outside by my perfect vision of beauty.Leaning in as to kiss me
hello with your soft sweet lips caressing mine, I think my god how fortunate am I. Strolling
hand in hand back to the house with a warm summers breeze to our back, the sun setting
with a cascade of colors on its silouet, ahh the perfect moment to kiss you. I stop abruptly
and spin you toward me,reaching up to caress your cheek and leaning in closer to kiss you. Our
passion is odvious as we embrace eachother, and remain in that embrace until the sun sun sets.
After i shave and rinse off my face,I lean with my hands on the counter gazzing in the
mirror. How can this be , I have a good job i have the most beautiful wife, how do I deserve
this, and more importantly , how did it happen. Shaking off my thoughts as the steam from the
shower fills the bathroom, I climb in and feel the hot water rinse away all if any tension i had.
Softly i feel your hands slide up my back and across my chest,while the softness of your face
rest gently on my back. Nothing is said as you hold on to me and i hold my hands ontop of yours,
until the silence is broken by your soft gentle voice. I love you is all that was said.
Finishing the shower and dried off and dressed. I sit on the bed in complete ahh of your
beauty, i'm amazed at the attraction i still have . Watching your elegance as you do your
hair, i'm reminded of my inittial attraction to you many years before. Aproahing you as
your putting your beauty aides away i place my hands on your hips, and softly ask you why
you insist on those products when you're twice as beautiful today then when we had our first
date.Your cute chuckle in response is quickly silenced as you feel my hot breath on your neck.
noticing that your arms imediately fell limp, and your eyes closed i kept kissing you neck &
listen to your breathing increase.your arms reach back over your shoulders arching your back
as they grab the back of my head and toil in my hair.I softly move my hands from your hips
along your sides and back down. A soft whisper in your ear saying that I canot imagine being
able to live without you in my life, and professing my undieing love for you. A almost silent
reply from you in return asking about the reservations for dinner, followed by your own response
to that comment,forget dinner!
A hot gasp of air on your neck as i reply i agree, I srtoke your sides & and begin to rub your
shoulders. Lowering your head foward i start to rub your neck and begin working my way down
your back.You lean foward on the sink using your elegant arms to support you, as i begin to
unzip your dress. Reaching inside the now opened dress, your silky skin is so soft, so smooth,
and so exciting to feel against my callosed hands.Un hooking your bra I drag my hands up to
the top of your dress i help it off your shoulders, and follow it down to the ground while
kissing your back the whole way down. On my knees behind you i rub the the front of your thighs
and back down your calves repeatedly. Leaning in closer as i kiss and nibble on your butt cheeks,
my hands now between your leggs gently messaging the sides of your loins. Your leggs open
wider as i glide my tounge down your butt and dropp down to my butt and turn around.
My hot breath all around your mound licking everywhere but there. your hips triing to predict where my mouth will be as to force me on it. Finally you pick right and thrust your hips forward
forcing me to suck harder on your clit. Now your franticly rubbing you clit up n down on my mouth,
Your bucking is getting harder , and you stand up and grab the back of my pushing me harder n harder into your mound . A strong tug on my hair as your climax hits , and a neighbor waking scream
of delight.As i set you on the sink ,my eyes open .Sitting straight up in bed i put my hands to my
face, and my elbows rest on my leggs.
Know wonder my day was perfect, it was only a dream.

2forone64 49M/52F

2/26/2006 6:34 pm

Don't ever stop dreaming..........

chopperguy1972 44M
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2/27/2006 12:48 pm

never,to that is to not live

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