Entry #3  

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3/30/2006 6:01 am

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Entry #3

Well it's a new day. Today I'm taking a different approach to all this. My first order of busy is to delete some of them folks of my hotlist. They are good looking but I'm more into talking. Plus only one have actually corresponded with me,(shout out to darkfatkitty). Maybe I should put more pictures on my profile. I see the trend for most of these guys on this site is to put a close up of the schlong up on here. Not I, it's not for the world to see.

I know what I wouldn't mind seeing right now though. That Italian mami, from yesterday. It's funny how that anytime that you're behind a beautiful girl while standing in line, she always turns just enough so you can see her face,(stamp that). 5'6" long curly black hair, thick in all places, and her perfume. Damn, that perfume. I could have tasted her right then and there. If she tasted as good as she smelled, well let me keep it clean. Hell I would cleared the counter with her.

I love women,(stamp that). Black, white, latin, brazilian, asian, I don't know why guys be fronting though. Lucy Lu is fine as hell, even most women think that.

Time for some reinventing. I get a good enough amount of complimants to know that I'm no mud duck. I want to bring it out more. I want to smell good in a way that when I walk pass a woman she has no choice but to turn and see me because it's just that pleasing. I want to dress to where all I hear is you look good boy. Got the body, I work on it hard so yes, I'm going to talk about it. Okay the dress and smell good thing I'm going to do my research and apply.

Okay time out, let me clearify something right quick. For anyone who reads this, please don't think that I stink. Because I don't. I just re-read this and was like damn someone is going to read this and think that I'm funky. So you heard it here first, Jamie doesn't stink.

Anyway, I'm getting up now to go shopping and going to Macy's to seek out some new cologne.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, guess we'll find out when it gets here.

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