the finale(for now)  

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8/9/2006 11:41 pm
the finale(for now)

keep in mind,dear readers, i originally wrote this to a friend of mine as if it were a conversation.

of course by now, i'm one very small step away from prowling the streets and just pulling someone into the bushes.
in a fit, i get online and start playing around. i find a very interesting website called AdultFriendFinder. here you can connect with other consenting adults for no strings sex! ahhh, my dream. wam, bam, thank you sir. now git! it's great. you make your profile. put in what you like, don't like, will do, won't do, and might do, etc. there is also a purity test. i'm 52% percent pure. (ha, ha).

well i'm an immediate success. i'm getting hits all over the place. most of these guys provide some great fodder for a good laugh. but i tell ya there are some juicy bits. i reply back to several that interest me. get a few phone numbers. that's where "toffee brown" comes in. or shall i say "country". he's got this pic where he's sitting in front of a window on a weight bench or something in just some jeans. immediately, i'm sucked in by the abs and pecs. i talk to him a few times and we discuss hooking up. turns out he works graveyard at a plant that is conveniently on my way home. so i say sure i'll stop by. while we're talking about the particulars, he makes some cute little reference to his desk and me on top of his desk, blah,blah,blah. now let me tell you what my forgetful behind did. we agreed that i would call when i was on my way or something like that. i thought that he was supposed to call me. so i wasted 45 minutes sitting over marie's waiting for dude to call before i finally called him. we get that cleared up and i'm on my way.
here's the setup, he thought i wasn't coming so he closed up the office and they're all heading out when i get there. you know, i'm nervous as hell. and it's hot outside too. talk about sweatin' bullets.

we end up sitting in his truck talking(cuz the van is not sexy). casual conversation, breaking the ice stuff. now, mind you , this entire time, he's looking at me like he's hungry. every now and then, he throws in a comment about the plans he had for a little office fun. so i say something about sweeping everything off the desk in a moment of passion. and he says that he already had cleared it off. how cute! so while he's talking, i do my little things. you know, those subtle things made to look like you're not doing anything. here comes the embarassing part.

the conversation rotates back to sex and he asks if i like oral sex. my dumb ass goes on this lengthy liturgy on how i feel and my experience with giving. after i'm done he just looks at me increduously and says, "i meant receiving". i'm like, oh, oh, well that's always a good thing. i swear i about made dude piss his pants.
he then reaches out and just starts touching me with his hands while we talk. a rub here, a caress there. real, light, soft touches. and it was killing me!

at first we were sitting right in front of the building with all the lights and probably cameras. so he takes me on a tour of the plant. we find a nice, not so well lit area and commence the petting again. then he goes for my neck. oh why did he do that? can you say panties hit the floor? then he reaches between my legs and actually says: "you gotta let me taste that". like i'm going to say no. somehow, he gets positioned down there and proceeds to almost bring me to tears. i must confess that my escapades may be many but i've never been serviced in that area properly. now i can say i have. before i couldn't get what females were always tripping about but now i know.
by this point, i am good to go. but this dude is sitting there lamenting the fact that we're outside. me, being the exhibitionist that i am, i don't see this as a problem. i hop out the car and strip. boy, i had him going. he hesitated until i pulled off my shirt. ok. most guys when you do the outdoor quickie just drop the pants and go. no, my boy STRIPPED down.
so i did what i do best. i bent over, grabbed the bumper and let him have it. WOW, WHOOPEE, UH HUH. that's what i'm talking about. mr. toffee brown tuned me up just right. of course, the thrill that someone could pass by, the air on my ass, made it even better. i'm feeling like a G cuz i've got dude mystified. he certainly was not expecting a banger like that at all. i will realize in a few moments that my adrenaline is carrying me. but i'll get back to that.

so we redress and as i go to hop back in the truck, i notice something. BOI! i left a big ass wet spot right on his front seat! (lmao) yeah, baby! he drives me back to my car. we have a post coitous cigarette. he's still looking at me like he's hungry, though. i like that. now back to my little adrenaline rush. well, i wasn't feeling so damn cocky when i got out and tried to walk to my car. girl, my knees, my thighs, my stomach. everything was just a shaking. of course, i tried to play it off. he opened my door and tucked me in the car, gave me a kiss.

i was on my way. and this time, i was smiling.

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