one of my fantasies  

chocoleo4u 42F
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8/15/2006 1:00 am

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10/22/2006 9:15 pm

one of my fantasies

i'm curled up reading a book(of course). i'm so into this book i don't hear you come in. you walk up behind me, lean over, and ever so lightly blow across my ear. i pretend to keep reading. then you lean over remove the book from my hands and lay it aside. pull me up from the chair and wrap your arms around me. i lay my head back against your chest and just drink in your male essence. we slowly begin to sway as you nuzzle and kiss me right in that hollow below my ear. (for the sake of space, we're going fast forward a little)
> now, we're laying down and wearing nothing. you start at my feet. all you do is very gently, lightly, trace my body with your fingertips. i feel it but then i don't feel it. i'm straining on the inside whenever i feel your touch leave me yet i remain completely still. while this is going on, you are talking to me about something completely asexual. your day at work, the last book you read, the weather-doesn't matter. now as you make your way up my legs, you reach my inner thighs. ahhh, the struggle ensues. you see, this is one of my most sensitive areas. but i only respond to the right touch there. and yes, you got it just right. my breathing catches a little here because i'm still not allowed to move. by the time you work up to the top of my head, i'm strung tight. all you have to do is kiss me and at the same time press my "happy button". i cum all over the place.

Cardiffcouple4u 58M/34F
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8/15/2006 1:36 am

"i cum all over the place." Is not the end but the beginning of the process. I would lick your pussy and rub you more, only when I feel your ready kiss up your body towards your breasts, slowly sinking my cock in your stimulated pussy. I would make love to you nice and slow. Kissing your lips then moving round to your ear and neck. Then without warning fuck you hard and fast until our juices mix to complete the process.

Just thought I would add my ending lol
Take cars Patrick. xxx

rumpole44 54M
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10/21/2006 1:17 pm

i like to get down to it, no fucking about,kit off , cock hard, first you have to wank my cock like a slut , wank it fast, then open your legs wide so i can see the inside of your pussy,,,,i tell you to finger fuck yourself coz you are a dirty slut and you love wanking my cock,,,if you wank me just how i like it ill fuck you with a vibrator for a while and whach you come,calling you a naughty dirty slut,,,,after you have come a few times then you have to rub your juices on my cock and around my bum so you can put your finger in and fuck my arse like a good girl saying, "do you like me fucking your arse daddy?" if you do it good ill call you a good girl and let you fuck my cock,,or i can fuck your pussy from behind, front ways, anyway you like coz youve been a good slut for daddy and daddy always keeps his promises,,,when im fucking you i want you to put your fingers inside too,wrap them around my cock , bring them back out and put them in my mouth so i can taste you,,,when you cant come anymore you have to whach me wank again but this time im gonna come, im gonna shoot my spunk all over your tits and face, then ill lick it off you , suck your tits and you can rub around my arse with your finger,make my cock hard again, coz thats all you want isnt it? you dirty girl,,,,if you are a good girl daddy will fuck you again,,,only if you are a good girl though....

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