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8/9/2006 11:27 pm

this is a little summary of what led me to this wonderful site...(names have been changed to protect the not so innocent)

it all started a few weeks ago when i went over terry and john's. of course, there was smoking and drinking, etc. john's friend was there as well, having just moved in. turned out he was in the same lack of sex situation as i. john not so subtely suggested the obvious-that we should hook up. whatever. well, dude got me drunk. and i say that because the next morning i realized i was not more than a minute or two without a drink in my hand.(hee, hee) i'm definitely too old for that trick but it worked anyway. so we all watched movies, tv, etc. terry and john went to bed after the 2nd movie.

backtracking, sam and i were on the couch. as the evening progressed my leg ended up behind his back and oh my! where could he lay his arm except on my leg. well by the end of the third movie i had managed to scoot down to where, oh my! where else could he put his hand except between my legs(i was very subtle and coy about it) by now, i'm feigning sleep. he starts the rubbing, etc. insert my little noises. next tv is off. he comes up to my end of the couch and proceeds to kiss me almost, almost senseless. i was very surprised. i wasn't expecting him to be able to manage that so well. needless to say, my response is a bit stronger. so we do all this foreplay bit, my jeans are unzipped and dude is pretty good with the fingers. and of course, i'm coming off a drought so if a guy breathed on me right i would burst.

we go into the bedroom. and i don't have a damn thing to say after that. I WAS PISSED. I WANTED TO CRY. he couldn't keep it up, keep it in, nothing. WHAT A WASTE! so, i got dressed and went back in the other room on the couch and finished my business.

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