what's on my mind again  

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2/4/2006 8:24 am

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what's on my mind again

i have had several things on my mind lately but i'll just cover one or two.

#1-i've been trying to figure out what people are really looking for on this site. i know sex is supposed to be it, i think that's pretty clear and i get that, really i do.

in my case it's good but i need the young men to understand that i have to feel a vibe for you, we must click or it's a no go. but what i have noticed lately is that some men say that they are looking to gain friends with benefits when really they want to find a girlfriend. i have explained my choice of lifestyle to some men and i get "baby, if you were my woman you wouldn't need those other men". hun, it's not about me being your woman or needing those other men, it's about having fun, liking variety and enjoying life safely.

#2(elaborating on #1)-recently i have explained to a couple of young men that i have more than one partner and we all have an understanding. safe sex is a must and these men understand that and adhere to it. but upon explaining that to these other young men i get the immediate judgment about my lifestyle and how can i do something like that.

the double standard is so messed up. a man can have 8 different women, 3 of whom live on the same block and 2 of them live in the same apartment complex but it's ok because he's being a man. a mature woman with a good head on her shoulders can live the same way if she chooses to but the difference between a woman doing it and a man is that the woman (me in particular) will be honest about it whereas the man may only tell 2 of the women that he is seeing but the other 6 are all thinking that they are the only ones.

i did have a #3 but right now i don't remember what it is so i'll be back later with it. in the meantime live and love life to it's fullest safely.

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2/5/2006 8:44 am


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2/10/2006 5:31 pm

"Double Standard".. I can't imagine when it will end..

But there are other "double standards" too..guys that cry..


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