summer fantasy  

chocolatelvr2 47F
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12/27/2005 1:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

summer fantasy

it's a beautifully breezy summer day and i'm driving around running errands. i'm wearing a halter tank and long, loose flowing skirt and because it's a summer day with a bit of a breeze my skirt is pulled all the way up.

i'm driving along doing about 45-50mph in a clearly marked 30mph zone, driving the designated speed limit is difficult for me. so i'm driving along listening to some kem on the radio, no worries, i see lights flashing in my rearview but don't really think much of it because they are a ways back. still driving and then all of a sudden i hear a loud voice say "pull over to the right", i look back and sure enough he's talking to me.

i'm sitting patiently, just a little nervous and waiting for him to approach the car. i look in the side mirror and i'm liking the body coming at me, i've always had a thing for cops in uniform. he gets to the car and says "miss, do you know how fast you were driving?" and i said uhm, no i don't but it was probably about 45 and he said "do you know what the speed limit is?" and i said yes sir, 30. "ok, let me see your license and insurance card please", i lean over to the glove compartment to pull out the insurance card and i hear him clear his throat but i don't think anything of it. i get the card out and then get my wallet out for my license and as i'm looking in my wallet i noticed that my skirt had moved up even more and basically my crotch was exposed. i suppose i should mention that i don't wear panties unless i have to and this was not one of those have to days.

i'm slightly embarrassed and tried to adjust the skirt while the officer walked back to his car to check out my info. he comes back and says "miss it appears that everything is in order but i still have to give you a ticket for speeding" i said ok, no problem. he then says "just make sure you pay the ticket", i said thank you and began to put everything away. of course the skirt moves slightly and i'm exposed again. he says "miss, may i ask you something off the record and i hope you don't take offense?" i told him sure and i'm hardly ever offended. he says, "uhm, do you always come out of the house with no panties on?" i told him, the only way he'd find out is if he met me friday for drinks.

rm_anacortes 74M
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12/29/2005 1:51 pm

Oh you sexy hussy...

I will be waiting for "what happened"..

yum yum

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