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1/26/2006 12:00 pm

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s & m again

as i've said, i'm not really into the whole bondage, degrade and beat me thing but i have had a few experiences with one particular gentleman that knew how to get me into a little.

i met him here during one of the meet and greets that i organized. his eyes had me from the very start, i couldn't help but stare at him; deep blue and intense with long, dark lashes. georgous and delicious.

we went on our first date and i knew before he even asked if i wanted to go out that i was going to sleep with him, i've heard that women know within the first 5 seconds. i did several things in this situation that i would not normally do, i went back to his place after dinner and he proceeded to seduce me (i didn't put up much resistance) and he was very oral and wonderful at it.

his version of control was mental and more about self-control. he would place my hands above my head and tell me that i couldn't move them until he said so, then he would do delicious things to me and i couldn't touch him at all. some would say "no big deal" but for me it was because i am very touchy feely while sexual so it was hard for me to have that restraint.

during this and other sessions he would hover over me face to face and tease me with kisses. he would come at me as if he was going to kiss me and then pull away just before our lips would touch and i'd strain to kiss him every time but he wouldn't let me. i'm not a big kisser but he had beautiful lips and his teasing just made me want them.

he knew how much i enjoyed his oral skills and there were times when he would put his face between my legs and kiss all over my inner thighs, suck my thighs, breath his warm wonderful breath and i'd feel it on my clit and would go into shivers from desire. he would say "you know you want it. don't you want it? tell me, let me know, ask me for it and i'll give it to you". but it was all about control and i couldn't give in so easily. finally when he could see the juices flowing, here my intense moans and then in inhale my natural scent as it got stronger with my arousal, he would gently give me his tongue and taste all of me.

he and i know longer entertain one another but i do miss him because he opened up in me something that i didn't realize was there and i am now going through a little more intense lesson of giving up control in the bedroom. mama misses you daddy.

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