after the "interview"  

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1/5/2006 6:46 pm

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after the "interview"

i'm going to take you all with me to the meeting place after the "interview".

i leave the office and drive about half a mile to this little sandwich shop. he and i agreed that we needed to get something to eat. so i pull into the lot and sit patiently wait for him to pull up, after about 20mins he pulls in and parks next to me. we go into the sandwich shop and order i lunch and then take a table in the back and watch the people come in while we wait.

our sandwiches are finally ready and we eat and chat. both of us are now just about done eating and he begins speaking on what we did in his office and how he absolutely loved it and i'm getting hot talking about. he decides to slide his hand up my skirt and rubs my ass a little and then moves his long strong fingers around to the front and pushes the thong to the side and slides a finger in, mmmmm...i am so wet and it feels so good. he takes my clit between two fingers and starts twirling it and again it feels soooo good.

the whole time we are doing this there are people walking in and out of the restaurant and the employees have to come towards the back where we are to make sandwiches but his hand is still up my skirt and making me cum in puddles. it got so intense at one point that i had to cover my face to keep from screaming out in passion. finally he released me and we slid to the area that has the restrooms so i could play a little bit with his cock (didn't get to do too much of that though).

we finally decided to leave before we were caught and thrown out. fun fun fun.

i don't meet up with this guy too much anymore because he refuses to compromise on location, oh well.

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