The Window  

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12/25/2005 12:44 pm

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The Window

this is written from a male's point of view but still a valid fantasy of mine. guess it's that litte bit of exhibitionist in me.

We had spent a few hours that Saturday afternoon talking, flirting, and both of us very sensual and sexual in nature a lot of the talk had been about fantasies and some deep desires. Had we more opportunity and we more daring, we would have turned one of those fantasies into reality right there. You were dressed and poised so sexily I couldn’t keep my hands and kisses off of you.

We decided to continue our “playfulness” back at my place. I had recently just moved in and everything looked, as it should, of a newly occupied place. No curtains yet, furniture not arranged in a very organized way, but it was comfortable and at that point who cared, as long as we could be together, alone. It had just started to get dark, the sun bright that day and the evening sky was very clear.

As we settled onto the sofa you noticed that the back of the sofa was in direct view of anyone from outside and I reassured you that the neighborhood was so quiet there seemed to be no one around at all at any time of day. Besides it adds to the excitement, the “danger” of getting caught fucking! You let the thought pass as we started kissing and as I began caressing that sexy body. Kissing you was such a turn on and those lips immediately mesmerized me, playfully slipping our tongues back and forth. I was getting harder by the moment and could tell you passion had picked up its pace as well. You were getting really turned on but still had a fleeting thought now and then about someone seeing in the large window.

I had slipped my hand under your blouse and was tracing my fingers around your hard nipples ever so slightly. As I kissed you long and slow with my tongue I undid the buttons on your blouse and helped you slide it off. I pulled my shirt over my head and as you got the rest of your blouse off I guided you back closer to me so you were straddling my lap. I was sitting on the couch and you were sitting on top of my lap with your knees on the couch on either side of me, pressing your crotch against mine, while I sucked and licked your nipples and lightly bit and kissed your breasts.

As you were enjoying the feeling of my mouth all over those sweet tits you opened your eyes and realized you could see right out the window that was behind the sofa. You were startled for a split second, but then realized I was probably right, no one was going to see us.

You reached down and pulled my hard cock out of my slacks that I had unzipped and started massaging the head. You closed your hand and moved it down to the base, then closing your hand harder around it and pushing hard against the base while I pushed up and the head of my cock became tight, full almost turning purple, you loved that rock hard look and feel. It turned you on so much to see that and you did it several times while I massaged and kept kissing those tits and teasing your nipples.

When we could both no longer take the build up of passion, we took off the rest of our clothes and resumed the position. Your clit pushed against my cock and pressed it up against my stomach while you straddled me. You moved your hips back and forth, which massaged your clit and my cock at the same time and your pussy started getting nice and wet.

You raised up a little and positioned that dripping pussy over my cock. You slipped just the head in and hovered there for a second, feeling me spread your pussy lips apart with the head of my cock. Then I sucked one of your nipples hard into my mouth and you dropped down fully on my cock, pressing down and feeling me go all the way inside you.

Feeling you move down on me I pushed up against you as you did, feeling my cock fill that pussy completely. You raised up and lowered yourself slowly at first as I sucked and cupped those luscious tits and grabbing your hips in my grip. We then fell into a rhythm, hitting each other’s sweet spots and panting and sweating, oblivious to anything but our pleasure, so fucking good!!

It was then that you opened your eyes for a second and looked out the window and saw him! A man in a running suit standing, panting, looking in our window and right at you. It shocked the hell out of you but only for that micro-second, the feeling of you riding my cock, up and down, grinding on the down, and you felt your pussy actually tighten in that brief moment of shock, my moan confirmed it. You were so into it now that you didn't stop though. You actually felt a surge of exhibitionism, and you looked right at him as you kept fucking me. It turned you on that he was so entranced with our lovemaking. You threw your head back and moaned as I pulled your hips down to feel me go deep again into that pussy, buried to the hilt this time and you ground that clit hard into me!

There was a huge oak tree in the yard between the window and the sidewalk, and the next thing you knew, the man was approaching it. He stood right on the backside of the tree, between the tree and the window, actually closer than he was before, a shadow covered most of his upper body but his eyes were clearly fixed on yours and the evening sky was clear enough for a sharp image. You could tell he was interested in the rest of the show and wanted a vantage point so that you could see “him’ as well, but others from the street couldn’t. What was he up to?

You kind of felt you knew what he would do next - and he did. He pulled his cock out of his pants and began masturbating! Right in front of you! He wrapped his hand around the smooth head and began moving it back and forth. Frantically at first, and then he fell into the same rhythm as you and I!!

You were moaning and panting and soooo fucking wet, I almost couldn’t handle the intensity you just added! You told me to hang in there baby, and that I was just turning you on even more, so hot! I really concentrated from then on pleasing you and holding out as long as I could.

You ground your hips against me, feeling my cock fill you up and engorge that sweet pussy, and your clit press against my pubic bone at every thrust. Your eyes however, were fixed on the man in the yard, fucking his fist, eyes wild, looking right into yours. You had the same rhythm, you had the same desire, and it was as if he was fucking you, this stranger not 20 feet away!

I was no longer in control; I was concentrating on keeping your rhythm and not exploding, and neither were you in control, the man in the yard was in control. He would slow down and when he did, you would too. When he would speed up, you would too. I was dying of desire and passion under you. You kept pace with him and as you did you grabbed the back of the sofa with your hands and blended into his rhythm. You leaned back a few times, grabbed your tits and squished them together, then cupped them and bounced them for his viewing pleasure.

When the man in the yard saw this he started yanking at a frenzied pace. You sped as well up to match him and felt like a jackrabbit on a first date! You were now fucking me with speed and fury, working your pussy muscles with every thrust, pounding down and riding my cock hard with an animalistic fury! And when he saw you pick up his pace, the man in the yard begin to shoot his load. Your pussy tightened like a vise and you literally pulled the cum out of my balls, through my cock, and shooting into that already steaming pussy!

I shouted out, then spasmed, then again, my body stiff, yours trembling above me as you exploded in a shudder as we came together, all 3 of us!

When it was over and we were both totally spent and you were still on top of me, I asked you where the hell THAT came from! You just told me I was right about the danger of doing it where others may see us. It was a real turn-on!

You looked up just in time to see the man turning away with a smile and a wave as he jogged down the block as if nothing had happened.

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12/29/2005 1:57 pm

When it was over and we were both totally spent and you were still on top of me, I asked you where the hell THAT came from! You just told me I was right about the danger of doing it where others may see us. It was a real turn-on!

You looked up just in time to see the man turning away with a smile and a wave as he jogged down the block as if nothing had happened


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