[color red]red[/color] warning flags  

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1/28/2006 6:41 am

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[color red]red[/color] warning flags

i consider myself to be a very intune person, when my body tells me to take a rest i take it. there have been times when i am so centered and intune with myself that i can pick up energy from someone else and feel that energy the whole time i'm with them.

in most instances when my gut tells me to be careful of something i follow. if i start picking up red flags like crazy i take notice and that helps me make some decisions. example: if i'm chatting with someone over a period of time, whether it be short or long, and i begin to pick up inconsistancies i mentally make a check list. after going over the conversations in my head later and considering the red flags, if it doesn't make sense i don't continue with the conversations.

what am i trying to say? follow your gut, if it doesn't sound right it probably itsn't.

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