Of all places  

chocolatcreme 104F
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5/21/2006 11:16 am

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7/21/2006 11:53 am

Of all places

Why write poetry and stories in an adult site that screams SEX?

This thought amuses me at times.

It began with the burying of thoughts and unearthing realisations. Enlightenment in galleries of others and aquainting with peace in this garden of eden.

The people here are more open, then they would be or dare to be in real life. This is sweet enough for me.


Priapeo 46M

6/21/2006 2:58 am

quote: Why write poetry and stories in an adult site that screams SEX?

Contrast is an aesthetic principle.

Never argue with an idiot. He brings you down to his level then beats you with experience

rm_sharksnsails 45M
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6/6/2006 4:57 pm

The yin and yang of sex,
(fucking vs. making love)
.....When we held each other close, we really were both alone, doing our own things for our own reasons, niether listened nor heard each other, and scarcely cared. That was my wife.
.....When we looked deeply into each others souls we laughed and danced; each trying harder to push the other over the etherial edge, there was no pain in our intimacy, no self-rightous preconceptions of purity, no lies, no inhibitions, we were the same, as two hitch hikers on opposites sides of a divided highway smiling a hello in passing...... I never saw her again; she liked my poetry.

Poetry is a facet of intimacy, why would I share my body with one who cares not for my mind. ("I love the car, just not the person driving it" ...... so don't get in the car!)

Random, unsolicited thoughts.

Serenely_Yours 116
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5/23/2006 3:41 am

Sometimes I wonder do.
If this is a haven to explore our inner thoughts too.
A place for lust and emotions.
With perversion and conditional.
Exchange words of passion and sweetness.
Maybe added bittereness.
Or even wickedness.
To me its just another place.
Say what we want to say.
Do what we want to do.
Sometimes just need to be heard.
Or to get a grip of our desires.
Only if you dare.
Even with all the words.

٭ ˚ °◦○☻ Serenely Yours ☺○◦° ˚ ٭

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