Harvesting dongles in virtual loin cloth garden - Weeds or Keeps  

chocolatcreme 104F
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11/23/2005 6:47 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Harvesting dongles in virtual loin cloth garden - Weeds or Keeps

Seeds are sown while the gardener watches them grow.
She will pick the rare and pleasure those.

Common Wild Variants

Dongle Specimen # 1 - Dongle Bombers
Always send pictures of their dongles in stills.
You thank them politely and they send more thrills.

Tested and Worked
Weed : Tell them honestly that you use their magnificent manifestation as wall paper for dart boards. Ouch.

Dongle Specimen # 2 Good 'O' Humping Droners
Able to carry decent conversation in open till you let them into private chat heavens.
Automatic mating talk mode takes over - Ears go through processes of garbagey in garbagey out.

Tested and Worked
Temporary keep them if they stroke those momento desires
Weed : If they are only good in classic pick them up one liners

Dongle Specimen # 3 Wham-her Wanton Advertisers
Standard few liners from those horny globe trotters
Blasting chatteries with their visiting statistical sexualities

Tested and Worked
Keep - Only if they got a bird's eyes view of the global scene
Weed - If branding doesn't change with time - Yicky mind and visual plastercine

chocolatcreme 104F
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11/25/2005 6:11 am

Eternal dude

Wild games are thrilling but really rare and must go hiking to be there.
Dongle garden is like AdultFriendFinder, sprouting wildly. It is thrilling to find that four clover leaf amongst the rest.

chocolatcreme 104F
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11/25/2005 6:07 am

MSM you are so sweet.... but ... I am going for infra red ports.
Need to emit your sensuality to entice me.

eternal1969 47M
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11/24/2005 6:50 am

Why harvest when you can pick from the wild? The thrill of eating forbidden fruits excites the sensory buds

mr_simply_me 45M
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11/24/2005 6:47 am

u want to try my!!


chocolatcreme 104F
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11/24/2005 6:31 am

They break easily .

mr_simply_me 45M
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11/24/2005 1:59 am


U want USB dongles??

I have many... they can transfer to and flow...
Some even contain music and play them too...
Some have fancy lights that goes with the music...

Tell me what you want...

And I will send the one to you....


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