F(r)iction : 5 : Beggars ain't choosers  

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3/22/2006 9:45 am

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F(r)iction : 5 : Beggars ain't choosers

Ultimately Peter become Houdini. Disappearing acts getting frequent and lasting longer.

Out of nowhere, he had a best friend who would baked him liquor filled chocolate and have endless "harmless" tagged games in the office. He even invited her home to have dinner with Maggie.

Maggie thought Peter was lonely and having a buddy would be good idea. It was unsual at first and soon it became her worse nightmare. Peter being unfaithful was not something new. She found him sending an almost nude picture of himself to a salegirl in Funan Centre and countless love proclaimation for his new buddy.

Peter assured her his love for the buddy was that of a mentor. And he sent Maggie a bunch of flowers with lovely words on her birthday.

One week later, Maggie was not feeling well and decided to go home earlier instead of completing her graveyard shift. She found her bedroom door locked. Peter came out crying, saying he was sorry and Maggie asked him if Buddy was inside. She told Peter that Buddy had to go home and she would wait in the study room.

After Buddy left, all Maggie could mutter was why and how could he. Maggie's mom was awoken by the commotion and ask them what happened. Maggie told mom that they just had a small argument and everything was settled.

Maggie showered and went back to work. She tried to control her tears but was crappy at it. She went home and Peter told her that he wanted to move out so he could not hurt her anymore. Before that, he would like to borrow her credit card to help with his transition.

In most circumstances, most would kick the cheater out of the house without anything. Instead, Maggie begged Peter to stay. For the sake of their kid and perhaps to appease her fear of being alone - a failure. And somewhere in between, there was remembrance of love he had given her. Something, she never got much from anyone else before.

Years from then, Maggie realised that if she had talk to others, unburden her misconception of failure, she might have found courage to start a new life. She acknowledges that there are more than one way to happiness. Freedom to choose another path is one of them and so is finding reasons to resuitate it again.

Was it a bad decision to stay in such undesirable relationship, honestly, she doesn't know as she is still living each chapter of her life.

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3/31/2006 3:28 pm

Matakhan is correct.
We, on the outside, do not know the whole situation of another.
Even if we knew Maggie, do we know all there is - the hope, the longings, the strength and the weaknesses.

It is very helpful to have someone to talk to, to share. In sharing, one's burdens get lifted - even if for a while - and objectivity is restored to make decisions clear.

One will never know how a friend can lead one to see the way.
A way that will bring solace, a place where one can adjust to the circumstances and carry on meaningfully enough.
Or where one must make a stand and take the necessary action for one's ultimate sake.

MataKhan 105F

3/24/2006 3:48 am

There is a need to hold on to something for others happiness,we all do what we think best at our own circumstances.There is no one can tell you what you should or shouldnt do but because we are NOT in your position.Very easy to tell someone to JUST WALK AWAY,but there is in fact very very hard to do.

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