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8/1/2006 7:07 am

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I moved out of my appartment and I'm wandering again. My ex-roomate threw out most of my shit and i'm starting from zero. At least I got a good paying job now. All I need is an affordable place to stay. (sigh) It's been wild since my last post. Alot of stuff has happened. I have a boyfriend but I don't like him that much. But not enough to break up with him. Yes I know, i'm a selfish, immoral, bitch. Chalk it up to being human. I Just do whatever makes me happy, it's better than doing the "right thing" you only end up hurting yourself and helping nobody, no matter what it may seem on the out side. Once you accept that all humans are selfish life is a whole lot more eaiser.

Ja matta ne,

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