Wet panties  

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4/26/2005 8:36 pm

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Wet panties

I find it so very erotic and arousing when a woman gets so excited that her panties acutally get soaking wet, often wet enough that even her jeans get wet. I have known a few wet women but only one that got so wet once I thought she actually peed her pants as they were wet 1/2 way to her knees. She didn't pee, she was just so turned on that when the pants and panties acutally came of she was literally dripping down her thighs and if she has stood still long enough dripped on the carpet.

As of late I met this very sexy and passionate woman and while so far she has not gotten as wet as the woman above did, she certainly gets wetter than any other woman I have ever known. What makes it even more amazing is that she even gets wet just at the sound of my voice on the phone. She keeps telling me how wet her jeans get but I have yet to see it in person(the wet jeans anyhow).

I have also noticed that women that get extremely wet like she does, tend to be very sweet and tasty....

hey have a great day tomorrow!

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