Are we What we Advertise?  

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9/5/2005 3:58 pm

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Are we What we Advertise?

As I sit here on a Labor Day afternoon in front of my computer, in my bedroom, watching a college football game, I began to think about AdultFriendFinder and all those who are members of this incredible website. I started to think about the beautiful ladies, awesome couples and cool men and..............THE LIES!!! That's right THE LIES! What makes us as human beings unconsciously lie about who we are, what we can do, when we can meet, where we can meet, our appearance and looks and so on and so on. I mean why can't we be real? We're all humans...Right? We enjoy great things in life and sex just happens to be one of those great things. Even for the prude (Whether they admit it or not!)sex is exciting! (Perhaps they need more of it! LOWe know that AdultFriendFinder advertises meeting new people for sexual encounters! AdultFriendFinder is what it advertises and in my opinion is the most awesome site around! There is one problem though....OURSELVES! Folks we need to be REAL! If you want to meet, be REAL about meeting! If you want erotic chat, be REAL about erotic chat! If you're a man advertising as a women, Be REAL! I may not want you but there are some others that may. (I'm straight)If you're married and cheating! Tell the truth! Otherwise saying, there is something on this site for everyone and everybody! Lies aren't necessary! Think about that before you e-mail somebody with a proposal!

Much love to you all,

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