Persitent Sexual Arousal Syndrome PSAS  

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3/26/2006 10:22 am

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Persitent Sexual Arousal Syndrome PSAS

Today is the day, where we change the clock... the time... make the 'daylight saving hours'

Of course I woke up 06.04am and thought it a bit too early to get up. Anyway... got out ... bathroom ... radio ...firewood on the stove etc - I even pulled myself together and started baking fresh rolls for breakfast.

Suddenly I heard the nine o'clock news on the radio - and I realized that I hadn't been awake too early (well, yes, maybe for a Sunday...) but in fact at a quite reasonable time: 07.04am

Thus assured of a perfect start of the Sunday I threw myself on the bed, opened the tv in order to see text news (good way of saving money...the newspapers write the same stuff, but 24 hrs later...).

Then the headline of page 129 on TV2:



I had to re-read the article several times...

Apparently (and I am quoting Reuter's article on the subject) {www. alertnet. org/thenews/newsdesk/L23188090.htm}

"....Doctors called on Friday for more research into a very rare, poorly understood syndrome that is the opposite of the most common sexual complaint in women.

Instead of failing to get aroused, women suffering from persistent sexual arousal syndrome (PSAS) experience constant, unprovoked feelings of excitement.

"Persistent sexual arousal syndrome occurs when a woman becomes involuntarily aroused for extended periods of time in the absence of sexual desire," said Dr David Goldmeier, of St Mary's Hospital in London.

But rather than being a pleasant sensation, Goldmeier, who described PSAS in a report in the International Journal of STD & AIDS, said it is embarrassing and very distressing for women.

Some sufferers have reported being suicidal, he added..."

My thoughts immediately went to some of my good female friends here on AdultFriendFinder. OH! What torments aren't they going to experience later in their lives??? Physically aroused without their minds being aroused too...

Then on the other hand - maybe it is not something unknown for many women... And surely not for women who sell their bodies for money.

Thinking of my sweet friends in Japan, China, India, SG, HK... all the Asian chatrooms I wanted to learn more about this rare disease, which male doctors (not male witch doctors!!) want to research further.

So back to my private research (online, of course!)... Stories of the disease crippling women; of suicides etc emerged. A thriller!!

I found an interesting website from Boston University Medical Campus, Institute for sexual Medicine {www. 8710} which I can suggest as further reading.

Here a number of women suffering from PSAS and their partners have been gatering to talk about their problems.

And I need to quote:

"...Women with PSAS share common features of their sexual dysfunction. The most common is the torment and the ruling of their lives by the persistent sexual arousal. There is a universal feeling of despair in part because the medical community does not recognize the existence of the condition and because the patients feel that they will therefore have to live the rest of their lives with the PSAS-hell. Phrases mentioned by patients in this regard include, 'my life has been sheer hell' and 'I want my LIFE BACK!'.

'Sitting is unbearable, sometimes causing pressure to orgasm. Standing is the only time I feel nothing. Sitting in a car is torture.' 'The opening of the vagina is just as sensitive and a mere touch will bring me to orgasm. My husband is very sympathetic and relieves the terrible pressure anytime I ask. Those close to me that I've told about this at first think it's funny and then realize that indeed it is not.'

'It's so hard for me to feel any hope when I am in the middle of this. For the last couple of weeks I have just been practicing thinking that I may have to go on with my life in spite of this.' 'I have made such a wonderful life for myself and I am just so terrified that this will finally be the thing that pushes me over the edge. Because I am so blessed, I have so much to lose.'

'I was constantly feeling overwhelming sensations of sexual arousal, which were purely physical and not accompanied by romantic or sexual fantasies. Basically I felt the need to have repeated orgasms which was never relieved by normal orgasmic experience.' 'I was so uncomfortable I thought about jumping off the roof just to make it go away.'..."

Whoa!! This is serious stuff!!!

I hope all my female friends and their sisters will have a life-long arousal - but where their bodies AND minds walk hand-in-hand all the way through to the last breath!!

ps. sorry about the spaces in the web links... (after www. )they are changed automatically to " ", if I don't do them like this....and there is added a space in the second link after PageID=

woofff 41F

4/24/2006 8:02 pm

A very beautiful post Chilli.....I did not know about this syndrome. Have heard of the Tampon Toxic Syndrome (or something ike that) ? Is a disorder that rarely occurs but when it does, it is fatal.

Just a bit of trivia, that.


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