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3/24/2006 7:20 pm

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The first entry

Okay so my profile has been on-line now for some time. However, I just upgraded to a gold member. Does this really make a differenc? We shall see...

There are a lot of guys out their (none of whom I'm trying to 'hook up with')) that want to hook up, bang, and bounce. I'll be the first to admit, ladies just like you, if the sex wasn't right, that was the last night. I know it sounds very cliche but come on, you all have even higher standers (nod your head in compliance). To quote the words of a currently popular rapper, Nelly, " if da head right, I be 'dere' erry nite".

Of course then there is the case of, "A man will never be satisfied." But that doesn't mean he won't ever be pacified. I'm in a relationship were the better half can't pacify, for numerous reasons; so, she gave me permission to be with other people. Not because she couldn't satisfy me, but because she can't pacify me. I've never been a cheater and don't ever plan to be; at the same time I don't pass judgement on those who do. Just know if you aren't pacifing someone else will.

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