A Passionate Night.... continued  

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2/6/2006 6:16 pm

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A Passionate Night.... continued

I continued my endevour of lust with the greatest of ease. Gently slipping her panties down her sexy, elegant legs until they were just a memory.
She softly moaned with desire as I kissed her inner thigh.
The anticipation was driving her wild.
I worked my way slowly into her clitoris with a soft gentle flick of the tongue. Nibbling her clit and taunting her sweet, juicy pussy.
It was such a heavenly taste.
Dripping wet she moaned and thrashed as I took my time and indulged myself. Oh what a guilty pleasure it is.
I couldn't help myself tasting her juices. I couldn't get enough. So I licked and nibbled and sucked her pussy like a wolf on fresh prey. She thrashed and twised. Her back bowed continually.

Then with one last flick of the tongue. I stopped. I kissed her inner thighs as to say thank you.
She looked down at me speechless. Panting with desire her breath said "FUCK ME!"......
to be continued....

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