dancing the night away........  

chicagoegypt26 40M
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7/18/2006 3:04 pm

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9/26/2010 6:24 pm

dancing the night away........

Some of u know that I love to dance and go out a lot.
I dont drink but I love to dance.
So this had me thinking.....

what type of music do u like to dance to?
70s? 80s? techno/trance? hip hop? salsa? slow dancing? and many more?
if u're ever out with friends, do u check out the people dancing?
any of u think the way a person dances is an indication of how they are in bed?
when dancing, do u like a person to be close against u? both of u feeling each other up and down?
some women believe its a turnoff to be grinding while dancing or even be hard for that matter
what are ur turnoffs when it comes to dancing?
would u let a person put his hands wherever he wants?
I want this to be a nice debate between men and women so males...feel free to add ur insights as well.

marnison 79F

7/18/2006 7:41 pm

throughout history...dancing is a reflection of ones...feelings. the dancefloor is the best place...to exhibit expressions...

ahh the dance...of life can be displayed right smack on the dance floor


rm_gata11459 57F
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7/18/2006 9:03 pm

mmm well dancing can be so sensual, can say so much, can be like lovemaking with all your clothes on. You can look into each others eyes, or feel each others breath on your neck, all the motions of love.. what could be a turn off with that? I mean if you are willing to get close enough to dance.. what can be bad? xoxo k

Peace xxx K

rm_fluffy19747 41M/39F
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7/20/2006 10:23 am

Hellllloooooo dahling
Just popped in to say 'Howya!'
I'd love to dance the clothes of ya

xXx L xXx

shar1 55F
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7/22/2006 11:36 pm

Like you I love dancing. sometimes I like to dance naked in my garden. When out with friends I enjoy music of the 70/80/90 all kinds really.

If dancing with my lover, l sometimes can't hear the music, just get lost in the feeling.


7/27/2006 2:31 pm

Chicago I'm with you on the dancing and not drinking buzz. I just love to dance so much freedom just loosing yourself in the rythm and the beat, quite a lot like sex really especially since I dance for between 3 and 12 hours at a time lol. Well It has been house music for the last 15 years of my life either DJ'ing or dancing so thats what I like my current one is funky house a bit like pumped up disco and dirty house again the sex link

yerwansbrother 104M
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8/4/2006 5:52 am

The only dancin I like is the horizontal tango

Isabellaseeking 55F

3/13/2008 11:34 am

I dance to all music.

I love dancing.Sexy tight dancing; wild happy dancing you name it I do it.

We would make the world turn ..lol

rm_miwords 58F
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1/28/2009 6:52 am

For me it would have to be the slow dancing. Feeling my partner's hips grind into me and me into him. Feeling his passion through our clothing. His warm breath on my neck. Bring on Luther or Brian and I'll be there "all night long"

wetnessinbc 40F
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2/1/2009 4:25 pm

When Im on the dance floor with a man Ilove to feel him against me or shurr... Im a dirty girl who like to bend over to front and touch my toes Anyways... I agree it is a indicator for shurr if there is chemistry. I have turned on many a man on the dance floor. Its very sexy to feel the vibe..to visulize the night to follow.. Feel his heat up and go crazy at the site of my ass shaking on the dance floor...and the adonning eyes that follow me has got to make him feel pretty dam luck lol....anyways my fantasy still baby, you me in a club...and let inhabitons go...( pin me up agains that wall) =)

Bucketlist3232 58M

3/17/2009 2:38 pm

Dancing can and is erotic. I love to see people show their sexuality on the dance floor. When I dance sometimes I have to keep my hands in front of me when we go sit down. If my partner shows she wants to feel my hardness then i let her. Always feel what your parner wants.

blueeyes4047 56F

9/26/2010 10:44 am

Dancing is sexy. I love dancing, a good two-step, cha cha, rhumba or old rock. My favorite is slow dancing to some smooth jazz. Bodies close, me wrapped in his arms and feeling the music.

I do believe dancing is very similar to sex and a wonderful prelude.

Chi, will you dance with me?

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