* Surprise *  

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* Surprise *

* Surprise *

It was starting to get dark outside and I was thinking about you ...
I was just finishing up with cutting the grass and putting things away before it got to dark .
I was in the garage . It was summer so I was wearing a tank top with no bra and shorts with no underwear .

Then all of a sudden I felt someone behind me and they put there hands inside my shirt and was rubbing my breast . I just stood there in shock I didn't know who it was , I was getting turned on by the way this person was rubbing my nipples . I didn't say a word and tilt my head back and then this person started to kiss my neck .

I could tell it was a woman behind me with her touch ... As she was rubbing my nipples and kissing my neck I whisper saying don't stop I want you to fuck me here and now ! So this woman stops kissing my neck and turned me around and takes off my shirt , and starts sucking and playing with my breast .I didn't know this woman never saw her before but she was getting me very excited .

She then pulls my shorts half down and stands real close to me and we started to kiss .... her hands are all over me as my hands are over her . She then slowly goes down on me and I cum .

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