Who knew...  

chemistbb3 61M  
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4/1/2005 4:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Who knew...

... that this blog thing would prove to let me clear my head like it does! (OK, so it does put me to work since I have figured out where I need to improve my profile every time I have posted so far!)

I am not sure of the "invite to my network" thing yet. I mean I see the "don't invite me or I'll block you" messages. Then I see the profiles with bunches of networked friends. I don't want to appear pushy by asking and make someone I am interested in mad. But, I also want to get to know the people I want to ask or I would not ask in the first place. I guess I need to figure out the etiquette - who, when, and how to ask. I know that different ladies have different thoughts on this and what they think of as OK. Also as far as displaying the networked friends in the profile, I wonder about their privacy. Maybe I am a worrier, after all, a lot of folks are displaying bits, parts, or all their bodies in here. Am I being too considerate? Am I worring about something that I probably shouldn't? Who knows...

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