Where is that soap box?  

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4/19/2005 6:03 pm

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Where is that soap box?

The following is a personal opinion and only that!

OK, I have done my search of ladies in my distance range, women searching for a man, and that meets the remainder of my Cupid setting. You know, a quick and dirty search to to see if anyone new is around that attracts my attention. There she is. The picture is cute and a quick looks at the match shows a 100% match. So on to the profile to see if there is a possibility of going further. Then there it is...

"Husband/boyfriend is always there." "We only play together." ...And there are the other variations.

OK, I am glad you and your SO want to share a mutual pleasurable experience together. I could not be happier that the two of you have that strong of a relationship. I can only wish you the best! I can understand that you feel safer with him at all meetings.


Doesn't that really mean you are playing as a couple? Even if you husband, boy friend, playmate only watches, takes pictures, or videos, you are a package deal, a couple.

If you only "play" together, I believe you should list yourselves as a couple, not under the "women looking for men". Sorry, but when I look under "women looking for men", I really only expect to find women, not women with men. If that is what I was looking for, I would look under that couples category when doing a search. I do not think I am weird on this, it just makes sense to me. Two people who always and only play together are a couple in my book.

Now where do I want to put that soapbox so it is easier to find?

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