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5/11/2005 7:18 pm

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Touch me in the morning...

OK why is there an issue about foreplay? It is a necessary part of lovemaking/sex. I mean for everyone involved to be ready, willing, and able, there needs to be foreplay! In fact, I believe that foreplay is the part of lovemaking/sex that is most important. I believe that it should start from the first time you see each other. That first look, the first touch when you meet that evening (or what ever part of the day it is) is all part of foreplay. Foreplay should start way before the first kiss. Everything should be part of foreplay. You should be working (bad word choice maybe) to increase the level of excitement the whole time with words, touches, looks, everything. By the time the "serious" foreplay has begun, there should already be a level of excitement and passion, although maybe low, established.

(part 1 of as many as it takes me to finish this)

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