The overhead bins are full...  

chemistbb3 61M  
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8/17/2005 11:02 am

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8/21/2006 6:01 am

The overhead bins are full... you will have to check your baggage with the flight attendants.

Looking at the profiles, I have come across a few that say "no baggage". I am sort of curious about this. Are these folks looking for blank personalities?

Lets face it, what makes us us is our baggage! That is our life experiences. We carry it day to day. We carry the baggage of how we were treated as children by our parents friends and childhood bullies. It is the sum total of all the relationships we had, good or bad. If your divorce was good or bad, it is with you. If you significant other has passed away, it is now part of who you are. We can not go through life with out it affecting us. We all fill our bags full of our life.

I think what we are are looking for is that the baggage that comes with each of us does not have a detrimental effect on the relationship that we are looking for. No one wants to be compared to the person that just dumped you, or that lover you had at 19. (Who is now probably old, gray and pudgy and not perfection personified like they were back then.) No one wants to constantly hear about how you were mistreated by an Ex all the time.

But,all in all, I would prefer to have someone with the baggage of a life well lived, both good and bad, to share my time with.

It's exciting!

Who wants to be bored?

more2life4us2 59F

12/24/2005 11:28 am

Wow, my friend...very well put. We are the sum of who we are and what has made us who we are (huh? As much as I have been hurt (boo freakin hoo) never ceases to amaze me that I still have the has never left me and I hope it never will. I believe in love (how corny...) and the idea of finding someone who understands the true meaning of, well, just a major turn on. I believe he is out there...baggage and all.

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