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OK, in looking through the profiles, I have come across several where the lady is making a comment about the "nasty-grams" she had gotten because of her positing what she was looking for in a partner.

What in the H-E-double hockey sticks is going on!

I have read a good many profiles. I have never felt like taking anyone to task for their desires and expressing them here. What does it mater to me if you are only interested in a same sex partner. (Guy's I ain't interested in any way, ladies, I just want a copy of the tape... LMHO. )

If you are only interest in an interracial relationship, good for you. Into body waste, whips and chains, or being lead around naked on a leash, it's your choice.

Who am I, or any of us, to judge? What gives any of us the "moral high ground" to berate anyone here for expressing their wants or desires here. Who among us should be the one to cast stones because someone is only interested in this or that, just because it does not include you, or offends your sensibilities? Hey, just look at what this site says it is! How may married folks are here looking for "something extra"? Again, how can any of us stand an judge another here?

I know it is not my place tell someone what is OK or not to look for, even if I may not agree with it.

Are you sure it is yours?

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