He ain't heavy, he's ... ample ?  

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4/11/2005 8:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

He ain't heavy, he's ... ample ?

What is with these body type description? Slim, athletic, average, ample, a little extra padding, large, BBW, SSBBW...

When will the madness stop!!!

Per an article I read, a majority of NFL players are obese and a large number are morbidly obese by the most popularly used measurements. Are they? I know that a vast majority of NFL players are fitter than I am so, what does that make me?

What size is average? Is it average with the folks I hang out with? What if they are all 5 foot tall and weigh between 85 and 100 pounds? What if they are between 250 and 300 pounds? Where is the line that BBW starts? What is the order? Is a little extra padding when you add those "love handles"?

I tend to believe that body size is a relative issue. I have dated women that have a variety of body types. For me the body is mainly covering for the person. Generally, if they are a great person inside, the outside doesn't really matter. OK, if someone is so obese that it cause medical issues. I would and do have problems with that and it could be a deal breaker. But it is more because of the medical issues, not the weight. As I have said before, I do enjoy young hard bodies, but the mature feminine form holds it's own delights.

Weight and size could be an issue for some, but I prefer to look at the whole person to make a decision, not just the outside. Don't want to miss out on the jewel that may be inside you know...

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