"A Hint of More --- Lets Geaux"  

chefbill425 55M
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8/24/2006 4:25 pm

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4/26/2007 8:55 pm

"A Hint of More --- Lets Geaux"

She buzzed me on YIM Monday night. We met in an AdultFriendFinder chartroom and have developed a good friendship over the past several months. Who knew what to night would bring.

Leading up to tonight there was a mutual attraction at the cyber level, I found her extremely intelligent, witty, provocative and oh so sexy. She on the other hand loves Tall men (6’2’’ with nice hands and engaging minds. Our chats to now have been rather generic with a hint of risqueness that is so often found behind the protection of the keyboard.

Monday night as usual began with the usual banter about the day and our real lives. I travel a lot so my hotel gets real boring, as we talked I could sense this was going to be a fun night our conversation became more and more sexual in overtones. Hmm I could feel her nipples becoming hard and her breath shortening through her words on the screen.

When I said I had a cam, she shot back “cammage is good” and it was the beginning of an hour half of fun. I turned the cam on and began a slow sensual strip to her ever more descriptive words emanating from the tips of her little fingers that yearned to be wrapped around my fully erect shaft.

Chef she said “Wow you are going to be trouble” as I leaned back in the chair and gave her a full view of what she wants to experience in the future. My hard cock throbbed as she described the scene on the back deck, wearing only a bikini top and lace undies she must have been a sight to behold from the neighbors house. The light of the lap top screen providing enough light to show the world her erect nipples and her hand sliding gently across her wet pussy. If only some one would look out the window.

I asked her what she wanted to see me do as I stroked my hard shaft. She told me “Bill do something that you only do when you are by yourself, your deepest darkest desires.” I know what she wanted to see and slowly licked my fingers wet and began to play with my ass. Mmmmm was all that came across as a response to the action on the cam, I knew she was close to her first orgasm of the evening. My finger slid further into my hole bringing me to a raging stiff erection… I asked her if she wanted me to cum? In some comic relief the response of “hell no not before I do” caused a quick laugh. My friend said she was cumming, dammnnn is all I saw on the screen as she reached her first orgasm. I wish I could have been her fingers.

As I continued to stroke we talked about both of our proclivity to mutual masturbation and exhibitionism. Sexiness in her voice “ let me straddle you in your chair, fingers between my legs, stroking as you stroke yourself, never touching just slight tingling glances of skin on skin” This girl knew how to get to me. She was dead on one of my fantasies. This was all I needed to explode, my cock twitching as cum cascaded down my leg and to the floor.

The sight of my cumming brought her to the peak again and a short time later her fingers gave her orgasm number 3. I was slowly working myself hard again when we noticed it was 2 am… We both agreed that this was going to get interesting and several challenges were dropped... My friend is very picky and I am very persistent and confident in my ability to seduce……” You are up for a challenge: is all see said. I said she didn’t stand a chance in keeping me from what I wanted... “A confident one, I likey “is all I got………..

Later that night as I showered I was thinking about her joining me in the shower, water cascading over us both. My friends bent over arms propped against the wall as I pleasured her with my tongue from behind” That was enough for me to explode a second time and shortly after a third time……A fun evening it was.

I found someone I feel a great attraction to, in our out look on life and our sexual chemistry are very similar….Should we keep this a fantasy or take the next step…help me decide….

A hint on who this sexy person is hmmmm should I ??????

She lives in the city with GPS co ordinates of 30.27 North 91.09 West….Have fun with your home work.

vibrant14 32F

8/24/2006 9:40 pm

WOW...that's all that comes to my mind after reading that. That must be some woman. I was aroused just from reading that. Personally Chef I say go for it. What's the worst that can happen? When you do it be sure to blog and let the rest of us know how great it was. I have a feeling that this is one hot chick and you are going to be very well pleased...

picassomoments33 49M/50F

8/24/2006 10:19 pm

cheffers hun....I am going to have to roll this around...a bit....and play with it...to see what my opinion is. One question though.....was it soooo good that you could taste her...and smell her all over you...while you typed and played back n forth???? Those times are....so very enjoyable, and should be savored. To the very last yummy lil drop!


chefbill425 replies on 8/28/2006 5:33 am:
So how long are you going to roll around with it...Long enough to get it hard and make it spurt?

It was beyond words, I could taste, smell and feel her through her keystrokes...And there were many drops to enjoy, good to the very last drop.

Now what about that chair and the silk ties

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8/25/2006 6:50 am

Damn cheffie! Didn't know you could be so sexual with your words. But I like it. Whoever this lady is, she is certainly lucky. I hope you 2 enjoy each other many more times to cuuuummmm.

picassomoments33 49M/50F

8/30/2006 1:05 am

ahhhh she promised silk ties....and a chair......did she happen to mention....unable to speak....only able to make....sounds of need...because your mouth is full with a meshy lil thing that you can still smell her scent on......and feel the heat of her body from where it covered her? hmmmm or that...everytime she comes ohhhh so closely you can feel the warmth of her breath across you body....yet not a hint of wetness.....because you have been denied the one thing you desperately need ...her tongue hot and wanton....finding all the places....that you crave to be tasted.....

I think I know this woman......she's kinda scarey. You should be careful cheffers.


chefbill425 replies on 8/31/2006 5:34 am:

Since you feel you know this women is she strong enough to number one - get me tied up and number two - she needs to be very strong to resist my aura for a prolonged period of time. She will need to resist the tempation to release me from my binds and ready to be ravaged like she never has been before.

I like your line of thought and how you can express your self, you sound very enticing your self.Why would she be scary does she have many repressed fantasies waiting to be released and does she have the slightest bit of hesitation in going through with what she has chatted to me about.

You need to find out for me and let me know. by the way..I have no problem with her hubby watching if she so desires..

Give her thise words for me if you will

"no matter what's inside I'll give to her
no need to satisfy my hunger lost in her
and while I spend these hours
five senses reading
with biggest steps I'm running
after her I will run"


picassomoments33 49M/50F

8/31/2006 8:48 pm

I passed the message along. And yes, I believe you were right, to see a hint of hesitation. This woman, as long as I have known her, has been an over thinker. Considers, quite frankly, all of the ramifications of, intimately exposing herself to another. She, has often told me, that she see's life as a rug.(odd but apt) Woven together with the threads, supplied by each daily experience.....and though in the temporal, you can extract a thread that has come unwound....in the realm of the "inner weaving", there is never a thread that can be undone....once it has been integrated into the "fabric" of the person. And, every piece of the whole....carries with it....the ability to produce a life...resembling a "work of art"....or if not careful....a hastily thrown together floor covering...rendereding the artisan....prone to not valueing ....its worth or the worth of the people who they have given themselves to.
She believes, one of the greatest "arts" lost today... is the art of care. The simple beauty of, "connectedness"...in a world full of fissures and fratures....and the walking wounded...that have gotten lost along the misty path, daily we all trek.
To her, all, are three parts. Mind body and spirit....and to only, delve into one....creates picture postcard travelers....with no sense of themselves or their surroundings. To live, such a one dimensional existence, she said, would be like soffocating...slowly.

I told you she thinks to much. But, she has never listened to me. Though, when I mentioned your name, an interesting gleam entered her eyes.....it was intense yet dreamy.....

I guess what you should ask yourself...is, she someone you want woven into the fabric of who you are?? In the end, that is the question....that everyone comes to ....yet so few consider.

BTW she loved the words......"no need to satisfy my hunger....lost in her".....quite a bit of restraint...penned there by the writer....don't you think?


chefbill425 replies on 9/2/2006 10:11 am:

tell your friend that I was an ovethinker at one time and I have learned as i have matured to go with instinct, usually it ends up being the correct path.

Your friend gleam was it ia gleam of interest or a gleem of animal lust. In my time chatting with her I have found in her mind a very fertile imagination ath I wish to explore on a much more intimate basis.

So I guess tell your friend I would be honored to be thread in her life, weather it be a short stich of passion or a long spool of yarn that lasts a lifetime.

Since I travel the postcard of my life experience are great and varied, tell her I think I can bring alot of passion and excitement to her life.

Give her these words for me

Long is the road
We must travel on down.
Short are the legs
That will struggle behind.
I wish I knew for sure
Just where we're bound,
What we will be doin'
And what we're gonna find.
Wherever we go, there will be birds to cheer you
Flower to color in the fields around.
Wherever we go, I'll be right here near you
You can't get lost when you're always found.


picassomoments33 49M/50F

8/31/2006 9:01 pm

ACK!! spell check...my OCD just came out rereading...lol and here goes..grrrr
1) hehehehe...(no thats not it), rendering
2) fractures
3) suffocating
4) too (by the thinks)...lol

I just couldn't help myself....lol....I cannot abide...poor spelling!
*evil snicker


Shamelessssss 48F

9/9/2006 9:01 am

nice blog cheffy, my friend

she sounds HOT... go for it!!!

rm_Kathleen60 46F
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12/1/2006 2:46 pm

Let's just see how good you are in person, Chef! I can craft a good "tail" too! But, the proof is in the performance. See you Tuesday

And, to Pica... (who corrected the spelling above)...kiddo, you really need to go get F____...I mean that in only the kindest way possible. Really, you are way to anal, or not enough, one or the other. One of my graduate degrees is in in journalism and you don't see me copy-editing on here!

chefbill425 replies on 12/2/2006 10:28 am:
Kathleen - Sounds like that is a challange, But I love challanges

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