Web cam advice please  

cheeky694U2000 48M
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9/1/2006 1:21 pm

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9/1/2006 4:43 pm

Web cam advice please

Well good bloggers the time has come yet again to start getting a little more into the 'activities' that this site has to offer so to speak....and it would be nice to simply have some face to face discussions albeit of a cybernetic nature. There are several people I'd like to have this more personal form of communication with, to see facial responses etc etc.

I know nothing about webcams, advice in abundance please.
Is it easy to set up?
Is it easy to have a messenger service chat with a webcam? i.e. windows live messenger...
Do you need broadband - or will dial do?

LadyGrayLeopard 56F
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9/1/2006 2:48 pm

it's easy!
Even men can do it sometimes

No broadband needed - but i presume the connection is better, faster. Easy to set up, just plug it in.

I don't cam often anymore, but if I am planning a date, then it's a must.
I love to see the face, see how he types, how he smiles...

Must better than mailing!!!

rm_WackyEPP 53F
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9/1/2006 3:35 pm

I hate mine.

It must be easy because I managed it, but have only cammed with a couple of very good friends.

It works with MSN brilliantly.

Wacky Jacky

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