Stay positive!  

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10/1/2005 8:00 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Stay positive!

There are a zillion things in life to gripe about. So I'm not gonna start this blog out with a rant.

Pick any hobby area you might have. Go on the web. Find a discussion forum. You will find some very unhappy people. I don't care if the topic is arts and crafts, bird watching, cross country biking, are anything else.

We take the things we like and love, and today, often they don't take us away from what makes us unhappy, or tired, or miserable. Instead, we take everything we can gripe about in "real life" and it comes out in our hobby.

The boss chews you out? You complain about crappy production techniques for your latest car model kit. Take to long to drive to work? Then those so-and-sos screwed up the order for the headers for your car.

Not here. At least not now.

AdultFriendFinder is a lot of work. Just like any hobby if you want to do it right.

Now I'm not bragging - just framing the discussion. I've actually met people from here. And I've actually had sex. In one case, multiple times. With folks I've met on AdultFriendFinder.

It can be done. And I'm not Brad Pitt.

I will say that if you counted the number of months I've been on AdultFriendFinder, took the number of orgasms I've have, and put it on an Excel spreadsheet and made a chart comparing the two, . . . well . . . it might start to look like some sort of government program, if you know what I mean. But there have been reults!

But more important than the sex (yeah, I actually wrote that) has been the handful of brief cyber relationships I've had with people. While the perception is that everyone why posts a profile here wants sex like a wild bunny, once you weed out the gamers and spammers, it seems a lot of folks simply want validation of their sexuality. And giving them validadtion can be as satisfying as sex itself. No, wait, did I write that. Well, not hardly. But close.

You just have to approach this like a long-term hobby.

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