Remembering when.....  

checkingin1971 45M
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7/9/2006 10:20 am
Remembering when.....

Between all the nice weather, being outside looking at all you little hotties running around, I have had little time to update this. But being outside reminded me of the "good ol' days" when I used to live near this super horny chick that loved to meet up in the woods. There is nothing like being naked and free out in the forest. In our late teens (and even a couple times in our early 20s when we were seeing other people we'd meet up for old times sake - I think it was such a turn on for both of us that we just couldn't believe our latest partners at the time were not into it!!) we would meet up and do stuff in the woods.
It wasn't always full on fucking - though that was awesome when it happened. Sometimes we would hang out naked sunbathing at the edge of a field, sometimes oral sex on one or both of us, alot of 69'ing. She used to love tit/oral sucking the tip of my rod as it pushed its way up between her breasts.
But I think both of our favourite thing was the full on meet up by trying to surprise each other, tying the other person up (you are my hostage little girl or little man) or definitely her fave - once she was stripped naked (and she could do it fast) she would have me chase her around a bit before just bending over in front of me!!! Ooh the good ol' days.
Sadly we both moved away from each other, I wonder what she is doing now....

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