Stood up?  

checkinRound469 55M
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4/15/2006 6:56 pm
Stood up?

Let's meet. OK, can't wait. Wish you were here now... Sounds great. C U then, OK, CU then too.

6:00 the time, at the right place. Park the truck (which she knows, she's seen it and commented on it) right by the entrance. Should be hard to miss... I think I'll walk over to where we're all supposed to meet. Damn, it's pretty windy out here.
Is that them over there? Let me see... "Hi" (enter small talk here, as I realize, it's definitely not them, some rot tooth drunk and his spaced out drugged ol' lady; I couldn't tell from a distance, once I was close enough, I had to be polite at least) Exchange pleasantries, and walk away, besides the drunk seems kinda irritated and somewhat belligerent. He did offer me a beer which I declined (I'm a recovering alky) I may have offended him?? O well.

6:30 Well, I walk back to the car where I left my wallet, wondering, well I met her before, but will I recognize her?. Never met him though. I've seen his picture, read his stats... Grab a couple bucks go to the concession stand and get something to drink. Look around the designated meeting area. Make small talk with some of the people that work there so I don't feel so out of place. Walk back to the truck.

6:40 Maybe they were here when I got here, and wouldn't see the truck necessarily. Besides, I could park closer to the meeting area and possibly catch sight of them as they come in. I park, listen to the music. The drunk and his gf are hangin out by the restroom... Wait, there's a couple, is that them? It looks like it could be her, the guy seems taller than I thought... I'll go up and see if she says something. Hm. I thought she saw me. I'm not sure if that is her... They walk away... I guess that wasn't her after all, I think

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