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4/19/2006 9:54 pm

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I like to talk about politics, but the irony is, I don't know enough about it to talk with any authority. So, I defer all comments to my favorite columnist, Thomas Sowell. This guy has such excellent insight into modern society and government it is truly fascinating to read. At least for me, I tend to be kind of geeky. I also tend to be gullible too. But really, I am impressed.
By the way, one really cool thing about a blog like this, is that there isn't much accountability for what one says, so even though I used a jpeg of one of Thomas Sowell's book covers, and I didn't read the book, who cares? I probably should read it. (And, I didn't want to use his picture here, for two obvious reasons: 1) it wouldn't be fair to him; 2) I'd rather not anyone think he was I or vice versa) I find racial issues to be a fascinating subject. I often wonder why society has stratified the way it has along racial lines.

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we could have a really long cup of coffee sumday i think

checkinRound469 replies on 4/21/2006 9:32 am:
I would love a long cup of coffee madam. I'm sure you'd have a lot to share, being 86 and all. I would be honored


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