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3/20/2006 6:28 am

...When it all washed out, she had found a password of mine, in his desk. It was an email addy, I rarely used, but he and I had built an ad on AdultFriendFinder looking for play mates, hence I had given him the email password. Apparently, even though I stayed away, she was haunted by me, and when she found that password, she tried to make me into a very bad, ugly person, and she sent an email to him, off my email site, saying I had done these things. (Someone indeed that thrown a brick at his vehicle, and did some damage. It was not me, but she was very aware of who really was the guilty party). I was so hurt, so angry, felt so violated. I cried, till I would cry myself to sleep. I above all, didn’t want any person, especially him to think I was capable of such acts. I don't get off, on doing those types of things to people. Even with everything that had already transpired, I still loved him, and even if I were not to be his chosen mate, I really wanted him to be happy. The chaos was just too much for me. I am not sure what unraveled between the two of them at this point, I wasn’t there. There was no communication, not until I got an email...that one I will share by cutting and pasting...I am taking out the names however, as I am sure AdultFriendFinder wouldn’t like that.
“hello (my name),
I wanted you to know that the charges have finally been dropped, as I always knew they would be. thank you for helping me survive some very dark times. I'm starting to feel like myself again and (her name) is out of the picture for good. I believe you deserved to be treated much better than you have been this past month, and I'm sorry it has been so hurtful for you. all I can say to you is I am finally at liberty to show you how much you mean to me--without fear of reprisal from (her name).
I miss you, sweet one. other than the packers, what are you doing tomorrow? are you going to lambeau? if not, and you are otherwise free, why don't we get together?
I'll be at work today and home this evening should you feel like calling.
(His name)”

It was the second week of December...the email came in on December the 10th to be exact. I was confused, didn’t know what to think...she was gone...all the charges were gone, and now we could have our life together. I cannot tell you what circled through my head in the next few days. I didn’t really trust him totally, but I did love him, with all my heart. I couldn’t help but feel that he had orchestrated everything that had occurred in the month prior in order to achieve winning her over again, and getting the charges for domestic violence dropped. We exchanged a few more emails, and then I agreed to go have dinner with his home, and dressed as he asked me a little slut. He longed to see me like this, or so he said. I wore his favorite corset, and hose, and heels, and headed off to be reunited with him. I got there, and had a glass of wine...then another, we sat and talked...and he lit up a pipe of pot, and encouraged me to take a couple of hits, again saying he wanted to know he could trust me...then, shortly after he began seducing me...everything seemed so perfect. I had everything clothing wise off, except the corset, hose and heels...he romantically, put a collar on me, and leash, and my wrist and ankle restraints...and bound my arms together behind my back...telling me he had longed for the day when he could finally be this way with me, and that he indeed had something that he wanted to give me. I felt everything coming to life...I honestly believed, that was going to be the night where he proposed to me, I was living a fairy tale...I truly believed he loved me. We walked to the upstairs, where he had a playroom, and sitting room, and where we often spent a lot of time...I was so excited about everything...when I got to the upstairs, and turned the corner, to the room...there SHE was awaiting me...sitting stoic on the sofa, almost robotic like. The two of them had made these plans for me. Needless to say, I absolutely freaked out. I began fighting to get away...and there was a lot of kicking, and hitting, and it was just ugly...I definitely had an adrenaline rush in my fear...when I finally got free enough to retort to the living room on the first floor for my clothes, they came...she began holding me, and he was taking pictures of me....and they said, there go to the cops knew all along what you were coming here for...It was a carefully calculated plan...all the emails, everything an entrapment. When I finally got away...and left, I was like I had no mind...I was stunned, I was angry, I was confused, I believe I was in shock..I couldn't drive, I was so overwhelmed with my emotions I couldn’t figure out where I even was on road...I didn’t know where to go, who to go to...I finally after what seemed like hours, but was only about a thirty minute span of time, went to the police station...

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