Hail Mary full of Grace  

charmedlulu 60F
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6/2/2006 6:32 am
Hail Mary full of Grace

I was chatting with a friend in messenger yesterday…and said maybe I should go back to the nunnery…as we chatted further, I said, dam that would make a good blog! I grew up Catholic, although I have experimented with other religions, I remain Catholic. Although, I would probably be excommunicated if the Vatican ever had to deal with me, or ever found out some of my deep dark desires. I don’t believe in everything regarding the man made laws of the church, and one of the things I have a problem with is the celibacy law. Anyway as a teenager, I was very close to a priest that was stationed in our local parish…I was roughly 16 and he was in his late 20’s…I had a girlfriend I was close to, and her and I hung out with Fr. Mike all the time. It was never anything more than a friendship for me…but I think it went further with my girlfriend…I never really found out the truth…but it didn’t matter, he left the priesthood, and moved away, eventually marrying. A couple of weeks ago, I drove to Green Bay to get my sister at the airport…I looked into the local phone book, and saw a listing for he and his wife. I was so tempted to make contact…but I decided it was probably inappropriate of me. I never met his wife, I hope he found great happiness…and I do feel a bit responsible for assisting him with leaving his vows. Anyway, I was very involved in the church, and a couple of years passed, and I was invited to the nunnery…it was a recruitment thing…so off I went…with two other girls from my home town. I went to Techny, Illinois, home of the Holy Spirit Sisters…I had been there for nearly a week, and it was the time to sign contracts…contract of chastity and poverty in a sense…but before that, we had to attend a mass…and oh my God…Fr. Whatahunk was the priest serving mass…man all I wanted to do was jump his bones…needless to say, I didn’t sign my contract…I came home, knowing it was no life for me. I had met many priests through my relationship with Fr. Mike…and all but two of them, left to pursue relationships with women…anyway meanwhile I got close to our new parish priest…and then he was transferred to the Marquette area…but I was off to Enema U to study…so I was able to spend some time with him. Ahhhh it was a kosher relationship honest, but not by my choice. I adored this man, and we often talked about relationships and such…he had been jilted by a young girl, although he was very true to his profession…I think he entered it for somewhat the wrong reason. Later in life, he was again stationed in my home parish…I had sort of fallen from the church, but because of him, found my way back. He was there to help me through a very trying time, when I had my son…and he was the one who would eventually baptize my son. Anyway, one day, while sitting in mass, he got to his sermon…and announced he was leaving his position with the church…I was floored, as I didn’t see it coming. His last mass was on Thanksgiving Day that year, and a week later he was married. I was so angry with him; I didn’t talk to him for many months…he remained living in the area. One day…it finally happened, we talked…and I told him why I was angry…my words to him were something to the effect of “why not me.” Oh I tried many times to charm him…I adored him…but I still do. I consider him to be a very good friend of mine yet to this day. I have met his wife, although my arrogance says I would have been a better catch! He does seem very happy…so I guess that is all that counts.

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