Every viewpoint is a view from a point  

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7/13/2006 6:21 am

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Every viewpoint is a view from a point

Well It happened again…another email…this one I am putting here If you don’t like my blog, my advise is don’t read it. The excerpt from my email this am:

“I just read where you decided to react to the direct comment I made to you on a personal level regarding "a simple thank you". What I am asking is not that you give thanks, but hold out your arms in love and compassion to those who in the illusion of duty, of country allowed our blind, gutless leaders (Bush) who pretented to be patriots or God loving man, only to gain ego advantage and the control over other young men, to go fight, die and experience what I saw. Is a thank you in order when one walks into a village after having bombed or poisened it with agent orange and as a point of duty asked to carry dozens of children and women out who have there brains and guts blown out, or their eyes melted with napalm. Should we be thanked for watching and knowing that our friends lives were cut short or their arms and legs lost, all for a false notion of country and a threat that never existed? The crimes against humanity that are now occurring are not of the arab's making but rather a reaction to our policies concerning oil. nothing more nothing less. history is repeating itself. These boys (will your son be next) represent our future and yet we allow gutless men like Bush to pretend to the country that this was a just war. Yes, Sadamn was not a saint, but our action of liberation was not born out of a real threat but rather revenge. I am suprised that you can not see that. The blood is not on my hands this time. It is on those who continue to believe the lies. All of the people who then have since commented on my sense of patriotism will never understand the terror and the fear and the nights of death that those who were there only want to forget rather than be held high so that others will follow.
Please leave my life out of your blog.”
My response…
“Two men looked out of prison bars; one saw mud the other stars.”
Every viewpoint is a view from a point. The very nature of our perceptions is that they are limited by our race, gender, education, religion, economic status and personal experiences. Reality is like a large diamond that can be viewed from many different angles. We are not able to capture the whole truth from a single position. We need to view it from as many points as possible.
Many of us tend to lock ourselves into our own little worlds and fail to appreciate the larger reality. We get to the point where we cannot even hear another point of view. We associate only with those who agree with us. We read only those articles that support our positions. We listen exclusively to those programs that affirm our ideas. This is compounded by the fact that we often over identify with our opinions to the point where we feel personally attacked if our ideas are called into question. The end result is often divisiveness, defensiveness, judgementalism, and demonization. This scenario is played out daily in our political discourse, talk shows and news broadcasts and the opinion sections of our local newspapers. Many of us are still trapped into a dualistic mindset. We tend to view people as right or wrong, good or bad, liberal or conservative, friends or enemies. Such as either/or mindset may help us to feel more secure, but it limits our understanding of reality. Every person, every experience, every idea can teach us something about life and help to free us to live more fully.
I think most of us find our comfort zone in life and do whatever we can to stay there. As we mature, we tend to become more conservative in our lifestyles and resist taking too many risks in our personal, occupational, and social lives. Perhaps we could all use some shock therapy to broaden our perspectives. I also believe that is usually the negative experiences of life that are the most enriching. Pain and suffering are often the best teachers if we allow ourselves to learn from those experiences.

rm_corezon 53F
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7/13/2006 8:02 am

I am inclined to agree with you, but not everyone seems to have that capacity nor even the desire for that capacity, and I have accepted that. As for myself, even the times when I would have happily continued in complacency it seems life has had a penchant for shocking me out of it. No matter how many times I rationalize it, it is always ultimately a mystery.

rm_SpecCremFill 54M

7/14/2006 4:52 pm

Trying to bite tongue on this one....BUT will say its a Vietnam Vet that hasn't (from my view) come to realize that not everything is done the right way. Specially in that war, it was not fought and decide on by the military but by the government. Unlike the actions since that war which the government did learn that if we send in the military tell them the the reason and guild lines for the action then SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP.....till your military has achieved that goal. Sorry just my opinion on the e you got and am disappointed by it....Have a cousin now that was there as a marine and lost many a buddy there but still he doesn't have the attitude this one has just sad to see it.....Chuck stepping off soap box again.

charmedlulu 60F

7/14/2006 5:14 pm

Thanks Chuck...although I am not certain...without being cruel, I think the same... I guess unfortunately the guy is from AdultFriendFinder...although I did get one email through my personal addy...that one came through my mail here...such a way to win a girls heart! Anyway needless to say, thank god for the block ability...I really don't need any more of that crap...I might really start spouting off.

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