Variations for Satisfaction !  

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8/15/2005 1:43 am
Variations for Satisfaction !

Personally I love trying these variations & also love creating new variations....And I hope you enjoy them too

1) This is a slightly more technically advanced than the basic missionary position ...for those looking for adventure ! I love it
She and me on top switch leg positions. She closes her legs in the missionary position, her legs straddle me. I straddle her legs too.

The benefit of this position is simple: for the male, additional stimulation to the penis and for the female, additional sensations on the inner thighs. This position is also a good physical workout

2) Another variation on the missionary position:
She sits on the edge of a chair or bed, and I kneel in front. While kneeling I use my hips to thrust. Neither person is putting weight onto the other person. As the thrusting is perpendicular, weight is used more efficiently. This position requires a bit more co-ordination than the missionary position, but this position does allow for great foreplay.

Let me know whether you enjoyed them as much as I do !
I love creating new variations of my own for greater pleasure So do you have your own variations of Missionary ? Perhaps you can share it here with me.....

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