Good ORGASMS prolong life span too !!  

charmed4life 40M
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8/15/2005 7:16 am
Good ORGASMS prolong life span too !!

Women's peak sexual experiences brought on by three spot stimulations closely resemble a very high-potency dormant energy of bliss which lies in every woman and which always waits for complete expression in every way.
Having experienced this beautiful energy, I know and believe that the combination of physical and the subtle
vibrations creates what I call the "State of Extreme bliss" !!

With many orgasmic stimulative methods, I have found that female body-orgasms are long lasting and have more intense orgasmic-contractions than mundane normal climaxes.

Some women have had wave after wave of orgasmic spasms making them shake, shudder, and vibrate all over like nothing experienced before !

The ironic fact is that it is so deeply felt within, that it changes the perspective of pleasure in general !

The major benefits of these orgasmic (if felt properly) experiences are: -

1) Reverses the aging process scientifically by allowing more endorphins to be released and slowing down the aging process considerably.

2) These spirituo-orgasmic experiences heighten the naturally gifted pleasure potency of women. Nature has gifted women with a natural high pleasure potency as pleasure is inter-linked in a big way with creation. A woman’s body is nothing short of an engineering marvel and she is gifted to experience this in her own body totally. But she rarely experiences these to the level said here, due to lack of proper authentic knowledge & guidance.

3) The skin gets a natural lustre and glow due to the positive hormonal flow within the body. This natural lustre and glow of skin combined with a natural fragrance brought on by these spirituo-orgasmic experiences can achieve much more than all the cosmetics & perfumes put together.

4) It diminishes fatigue and laziness totally and makes you fit and healthy the natural way, without any sort of medications.

5) When the body is harmonized using these orgasmic experiences, the mind also relays the happiness and a blissful overall state is achieved due to the inherent mind-body connection.

I guess this should help you in understanding that good orgasms do prolong life

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oyuky64 52F
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2/1/2008 10:33 am

Maravillosamen you this is true, there is no better cosmetic that making love

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